nail back

nail (something) back

To affix something with nails in its original, correct position. A noun or pronoun can be used between "nail" and "back"; typically followed by another preposition to specify where or how it is being affixed. When will you finally get around to nailing these loose floorboards back into place? The hurricane ripped the shingles off our roof. It will take a week to nail them back on!
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nail something back

to secure something back out of the way by nailing it. Please nail the shutters back so they won't bang against the house. I'll nail back the shutters.
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The notch is a nail puller, the hammer head was used to drive a nail back in place, the round end serves as a bottle cap lifter, the pointed end could have been used to remove caps from milk bottles.
The nearby Potential Trust, 2012-14, is a blue, yellow, and red neon sign on a rectangular black- painted wood panel featuring six hammers that light up in sequence so that they appear to strike a nail back and forth through a yellow "zip" that bisects the picture plane.
pound loosened nail back, clean and tape cracks, prep for texture.
In areas where your nail has loosened, gently trim the nail back to the skin where it is connected.
Be sure to put the nail back in the hole!--Susan, Salado, Texas
When the skin is soft, gently push the skin fold around the nail back and down with a cotton bud, away from the nail.
Because metal nails were precious then, the carpenters would hook the tip of the nail back to "clinch" the nail (as we clinch a deal), making it hold fast.
With any case of onycholysis, trim lent and the nail back to the point of attachment and culture the material under the nail bed to identify any microorganisms involved.
With any case of onycholysis, trim the nail back to the point of attachment and culture the material under the nail bed to identify any microorganisms involved.
Holding the nail back in place, put a few drops of nail glue into and on top of the break.
3KNOCK the nail back further into the wooden framework.
Press firmly with the tip of the thumbnail, vibrating the nail back and forth while pressing.
Drive a nail back up through the roof so you can find the exact location when you go up on the roof to repair it.
of Cases Pain 2 Nail site irritation 2 Infection 1 Superficial Deep 1 Inflammatory reaction nil Delayed union and non-union nil Limb lengthening nil < 2 cm > 2 cm nil Limb shortening 1 < 2 cm > 2 cm nil Nail back out nil Malalignment 2 a.