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nag at (one)

To lecture or reprimand one in an annoying, pestering manner, especially about something one considers minor, trivial, or inconsequential. Would you stop nagging me already? I'll do the dishes later! Look, I don't like having to nag you about this, but those reports really need to be filed today.
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shank's nag

One's legs and feet, used for walking; travel by foot. Also "shanks' nag." A reference to the shank— the lower leg between the knee and the ankle—and the use of ponies or horses for travel. My bicycle fell apart three miles away from home, so I had to use shank's nag to go the rest of the way. Unfortunately, with the sedentary lifestyle many lead today, shank's nag has largely become an obsolete mode of travel.
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nag at someone (about someone or something)

to pester someone about someone or something. Don't keep nagging at me about her. Stop nagging at me!
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1. tv. to pester someone constantly. (From a centuries-old word meaning gnaw.) Stop nagging me!
2. n. a worn-out horse. (Probably from a centuries-old word for horse.) I bet a week’s pay on that nag. Look what happened!
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The strength of these social workers' reactions to naggers and "foppish" boys is testament, I think, to the anxiety at least some of them felt about how to gain and maintain the kinds of authority men were meant to enjoy.
I feel I have to remind him of the expense because he is always saying that he has "The pleasure of paying pounds 9.75 weekly for a few buckets of water." Am I a nagger?
Paul Midgley, trainer of Orvar and Naggers Orvar seems to like the all-weather, he's in good form heading into it and will have a good chance.
" He added: "It's great for Nathaniel to get a Classic winner in20 Thirsk 6f Class3 Handicap (4yo+) soft, PS7,763: 1 NAGGERS tracked leaders far side, pushed along to lead over 1f out, draw clear final furlong, very easily 2 Handsome Dude 19 ran.
Ed Dunlop's Dark Red has an each-way chance in the concluding Tornado Handicap (5.10pm), while away from Newbury the Dean Ivorytrained course and distance winner Firmdecisions has a good opportunity to score again at Newmarket in the Betway Download The App Handicap (4.25pm) and Paul Midgley's Naggers can take the UKinsuranceNET Handicap (3.55pm) at Thirsk.
THIRSK: 1.40 Foxxy Brown, 2.10 Henley, 2.45 Torrid, 3.20 Jack Dexter, 3.55 Naggers, 4.30 Steaming, 5.05 Sunrize, 5.40 Blue Jacket.
Complain less -- No one is fond of naggers so discuss issues rather than blame or badger.
DONCASTER 5.15 Forced Family Fun 5.45 Bute Hall 6.15 Flying Machine 6.45 Beau Nash 7.15 Corporal Maddox 7.45 Naggers 8.15 Magnus Romeo.
DONCASTER: 5.15 Forced Family Fun, 5.45 Bute Hall, 6.15 Flying Machine, 6.45 Beau Nash, 7.15 Corporal Maddox, 7.45 Naggers, 8.15 Magnus Romeo.
TOMORROW'S TOP TIPS DONCASTER: 5.15 Forced Family Fun, 5.45 Bute Hall, 6.15 Flying Machine, 6.45 Beau Nash, 7.15 Corporal Maddox, 7.45 Naggers, 8.15 Magnus Romeo.
"Everywhere we go we get all sorts of press from local media, TV, radio, Naggers and just people swarming the store.
They are popular and make very good points, but in this post I will disagree and I will go all in to defend the naggers:"
Day two- 'naggers for Jesus crusade'--Fiji Police initiative.
The loss of professional identity and sense of self amidst the host of measurers and naggers bent on redefining what the primary physician is and does has very likely gone too far to turn the clock back.
The word "naggers" is often used to describe such a mob of outlaws.