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1. tv. to arrest someone. (see also nabbed.) I knew they would nab him sooner or later.
2. and nabber n. a police officer; a cop. There’s a nabber at the door who wants to talk to you.


mod. caught by the police; arrested. She’s down at the police station. She’s nabbed.
See also: nab

Uncle nab

n. a policeman. Watch out for Uncle nab. He’s been asking about you.
See also: nab, uncle
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SC ordered NAB prosecutor general should appear in person and file all file record pertaining to NAB ;proceedings against DRAP.
Chairman NAB took notice of not submitting the details of procurement contracts and tendering of over Rs 50 million projects by
Responding to the Punjab government, the NAB spokesman said it issued a press release on January 23, 2018 after report for non-provision of record from the Punjab government and asked the Punjab chief secretary to provide the record.
The minister said if the NAB chairman had called the Punjab chief minister or anybody else from the provincial government and informed them that certain officers were not cooperating, they themselves would have gone there and taken the concerned officers to task.
The event features the presentation of the NAB Radio and Television Hall of Fame Awards and the NAB Digital Leadership Award .
With NAB goAHEAD, customers can complete the application, receive conditional approval, and make an offer on a property the very same day with confidence that theyre backed by NAB.
NAB KPK, out of 339 inquiries, completed 222 whereas out of 96 investigations, completed 57 investigations on merit during 2015.
Together, these two professionals bring more than 60 years of professional interiors work to Nab Interiors.
This year's NAB Show, which runs April 9-14, marks the first occasion during which CW affiliates will meet in Las Vegas.
Sources said that existing management of Ministry of Commerce Cooperative Housing Society have lodged an application before Chairman NAB Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal stating that former DG Rawalpindi Nasir Iqbal Mirza, former DG Human Resources Malik Shakil and Investigation Officer Muhammad Qasim Khan who was deputed to conduct inquiry of corruption in Ministry of Commerce Cooperative Housing Society have pressurized the management of society and got benefits worth millions of rupees.
He said that NAB had taken action against corruption across the board and no one would be spared if one was involved in a corruption case.
NAB Chairman Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal has directed the NAB (Karachi) director-general to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the report of inordinate delay and violation of rules in the project.
NAB was established to eradicate corruption from the country, to recover looted from corrupt and deposit it in the national exchequer.
NAB customers can now continue using their personal Visa credit cards through NAB Pay within minutes of a replacement card being issued if their card has been lost or stolen.