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Cutting their production teeth with releases on Throne Of Blood, Traveller Records, Mystery Meat and Love Fever, Will Saul then snapped up the duo for a string of releases on his Aus Music imprint, including the now certified classic "Just EP" bearing the dazzling and ubiquitous title track that became the undisputed club track of 2015 and earned Bicep both Mixmag and DJ Mag's 'Track of the Year'.
This strongly suggests that there is a lot of mystery meat that goes into economists' analysis.
There are fetal skeletons in glass domes - and a piece of the mystery meat that rained down on a Kentucky farm in 1876.
What's typically left in the freezer as fall approaches are larger pieces of meat some people might consider difficult to cook: shanks, shoulder roasts, the neck, and those random packages of mystery meat labeled "stew" or "jerky."
THE TIME OF FROZEN TV DINNERS evoking thoughts of gravy-drenched mystery meat are long gone.
Whatever the caf is serving-unless it's mystery meat again.
3) China, which Gross calls the "'mystery meat' of economic sandwiches -- you never know what's in there." The "sure warning sign" emanating from China is that credit there has expanded "more rapidly in recent years than any major economy in history."
Three of the lamb curries contained no lamb at all but beef instead, and one contained mystery meat impossible to identify.
"Just like you can't use generic dorm rooms anymore, you can't have generic food service that's not sustainable--you can't serve chicken nuggets and mystery meat," he says.
and midnight, TRAV) Foods that Andrew found challenging to eat are recalled as he looks back on encounters with mystery meat and fermented fish, as well as some of the most putrid smells and unappetizing textures served to him over the years.
With corrupt practices such as these in Chinese factories and processing plants, who is to say that instead of receiving a shipment of processed chicken or turkey from China that American consumers won't instead be getting and eating some other type of mystery meat treated to look like chicken?
If the words "hospital food" conjure up memories of mystery meat and green Jello, you should know that the food being served today in some hospital cafeterias and on patient trays is all about healthier, tastier choices.
It might not sound especially appetizing to us here on the ground, but for an astronaut whose only other option is dehydrated mystery meat, it could be little slice of heaven.
A LAMB curry has been found to contain a mystery meat - sparking fears it could be DOG or CAT.