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a mystery to (one)

Something that is difficult to understand. Why she walked out in such a huff this morning is a mystery to me! She was acting normally before that. It was a mystery to scientists where the birds migrated to until they banded some of them and tracked their movement.
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a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma

That which is so dense and secretive as to be totally indecipherable or impossible to foretell. It is from a line used by Winston Churchill to describe the intentions and interests of Russia in 1939: "I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest." Many versions, variations, and appropriations of the quote, its structure, and its meaning have since been in use. Political campaigns make my head hurt. They're just a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.
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be another of life's great mysteries

To be difficult to understand or decipher. This phrase is often humorously applied to unimportant things. The living cannot truly understand death—it's another of life's great mysteries. Why dogs and cats hate each other is another of life's great mysteries.
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mystery meat

Some unappealing and unidentifiable meat or meat-like substance served as or incorporated into a meal. A: "Any guess what the mystery meat is they're serving in the cafeteria?" B: "If I had to guess, I'd say beef, but that is some gnarly looking beef if I'm right." In the military, you learn to choke down whatever mystery meat they give you without question. It's the only food you're going to get, so you may as well eat it.
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mystery meat

n. any unidentified meat. (Collegiate.) There are no hints as to what this mystery meat is—except its strange pinkish color.
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Sweeney added: "Also, the Chronicle Mysteries are based on my character, who would be a new podcaster.
In chapter four ("A Lexicology of Mystery in the Qumran Scrolls") Thomas attempts to establish the overall semantic and lexical range of the word raz in the Qumran Scrolls; he focuses on the meaning of such phrases as "mysteries of wonder," "mystery of what will be" (an important and difficult phrase to interpret that continues to generate much scholarly discussion), and "mysteries of knowledge," among others.
Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said: "The Mysteries is now established as an important part of the community and cultural life of the city.
The analogy in Catholic education is that if we flood our children with what is good--prayers, the sacraments, the saints, good books, and a high regard for the supernatural and the great mysteries of our faith--then they will be able to infer readily that which is not good for them.
Wilson has won an Edgar and three Lambda Literary awards for his Benjamin Justice mysteries. His latest, Rhapsody in Blood, was published March 7.
The Unsolved Mysteries website ( was launched in 2005 as a supplement to provide information on the analytical instruments and techniques featured in the Hydroville Curriculum Project, a problem-based environmental health science curriculum for high school students [see "Beyond the Bench: Welcome to Hydroville!" EHP 112:A166 (2004)].
Next, we focus on six paradoxes or mysteries that point us to the nature of Jesus' identity in Mark: the mystery of baptism, the mystery of teaching, the mystery of power, the mystery of suffering, the mystery of boundaries, and the mystery of absence.
MURDER mysteries start at the end of the story--with a murder.
Francis went about the Italian countryside calling all creatures by the name of "Brother" and "Sister" as he did in his famous "Canticle to Brother Sun." More and more, I have come to see that the answer is wrapped up in two great Judeo-Christian mysteries: the mystery of creation and the mystery of the Incarnation.
'In south-east England mysteries were a minority and excursions going to somewhere people knew were popular.
Mysteries 2003 is at the Cathedral until August 23.
Unlike most metaphysical detective stories, in which we often are not even certain if a crime has been committed, PaPa LaBas does appear successful as a detective in that he actually discovers the identity of the murderers, and even thinks he has located Jes Grew's Text, all of which he reveals at a party held at the Villa Lewaro, fittingly, a country-house reminiscent of those in Agatha Christie mysteries. (8) But while LaB as's explication of the murder mirrors that of Poirot, it hardly reflects Poirot's ability to close the book on all mystery.
Here students have access to the Peetnik Mysteries, which are stories set in a fictional community where a 12-year-old amateur detective runs the Problem Solvers Agency.
The book's title led me to expect a treatment of the individual mysteries of the life of Christ in Rahner's theology.