(one's) own man/woman/person

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(one's) own man/woman/person

Independent in action or thought; not accepting or swayed by outside influences. When I was younger, I would do anything my friends were doing, but I'm my own person now. You won't be able to manipulate her—she's really her own woman. You can't just accept everything you read in the media—you have to be your own man.
See also: man, own, person, woman

(one's) own man

Independent in judgment and action.
See also: man, own

(one's) own woman

Independent in judgment or action: She has always been her own woman.
See also: own, woman
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I am my own woman Former shadow minister Angela Eagle launches her Labour leadership bid That's my boy Andy Murray's mum Judy tweets a picture with him and the Wimbledon trophy I knew the car with my spare was five minutes behind on the road, so I needed to run Bikeless Chris Froome makes a run for it after crashing during the Tour de France Len you're not just a Goodman - you're a great man and we love you dearly Strictly Come Dancing host Tess Daly pays tribute to Len Goodman who's quitting the show after the next series after 12 years as head judge
I am not a Blairite, I am not a Brownite and I am not a Corbynista, I am my own woman," she said.
Early on in Fellows's book A Passion to Preserve: Gay Men as Keepers of Culture, he compares his life to that of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, a German transvestite whose antiquarian efforts during the Nazi era are the subject of the book I Am My Own Woman and a subsequent Broadway play.
Rosa von Praunheim's new movie, I Am My Own Woman, made the rounds last year in Europe, showing up in just about every international festival and winning the Rotterdam film critics' award.
But von Praunheim also shares with the subject of I Am My Own Woman all the numbers and dotted lines you need to paint "one" self-portrait.
Mahlsdorfs memoir, I Am My Own Woman, already inspired an eponymous film by German filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim.