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my eye!

An expression of dismissal, disbelief, or disdain for something someone has just said. A: "It's bad luck to step on the cracks in the sidewalk, you know." B: "Bad luck, my eye! I don't go in for superstitious nonsense like that." A: "I think I'm going to drop out of college." B: "My eye, you are! You've got one more year to go, and you are going to finish it for Pete's sake!"
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my eye

Like hell, that's nonsense, as in You were at the library all day? My eye, you were! This slangy expression of disbelief was first recorded in 1842. From about 1800 to the 1930s the same term was used to indicate surprise ( My eye, she's been promoted after all.) but this usage seems to be obsolete.
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my eye (or all my eye and Betty Martin)

nonsense. informal, dated
Who or what Betty Martin was has never been satisfactorily explained. Another version of the saying also in use in the late 18th century was all my eye and my elbow .
1991 Robertson Davies Murther & Walking Spirits Of course many of the grievances are all my eye and Betty Martin (Anna has picked up this soldier's phrase from her husband and likes to use it to show how thoroughly British she has become).
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my eye

In no way; not at all. Used interjectionally.
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It was so funny because I just moved out to Charlotte, N.C., to be with my grandchildren, and The Charlotte Observer, which destroyed us, had just my eyes on the front of the newspaper.
"That helped to relieve the pain of moving my eyes," she said, "and subsequent treatment with intravenous steroids improved the blurring, blind spots, and my vision in general.
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