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Again he took both my hands and put them to his lips, while my blood ran cold within me.
I lifted by head over the brink of the rock and looked, and I tell you, Umslopogaas, my blood ran cold and my heart turned to water, for there, before the cave, rolled wolves, many and great.
When the news hit of the air crash in the Alps my blood ran cold. Not another terror attack?
When the PE teacher told me I'd be running the 800m on sports day, my blood ran cold. I mean, it was two laps of the track - TWO!
My blood ran cold as I stared into the shaving mirror and realised that Emirates flight EK027 was the one I had travelled on.
I glanced up to check whether or not I could see anything because I had the sudden impulse to ask him something--and not only did I lose the last bit of my serenity, but my blood ran cold. The sight of the dead man was so disquieting that I could no longer talk or breathe.
A MOTHER who lost her son in Iraq said when she heard Rebekah Brooks admit the worst was yet to come "my blood ran cold".
"I spotted his feet sticking out from the sand mound at around 11am and my blood ran cold," he told the GDN yesterday.
The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and my blood ran cold as Capt Peacock addressed me with his sonorous tones.
Boy this scope is great." My blood ran cold. Had this dolt "scoped" me during the day, too?
'My blood ran cold when I saw the thieves had stolen the bag.
My blood ran cold as I stared into the shaving mirror yesterday morning and the realisation dawned that Emirates flight EK027 from Dubai was the flight I had travelled on.
JE, I agree with you 'The day that my blood ran cold' (GDN, November 22).
She told the Sunday Mirror: "My blood ran cold when I heard the news.