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She's smiling from ear to ear in the video, but Janine says she was actually muttering under her breath, asking if she could stop.
Tell us what you reckon she is muttering under her breath and you could win a fabulous day out for two at Windsor Castle, with a tour worth pounds 16.
Muttering under her breath about loving the colour but not its cascading length, Serena managed to trundle up on to the balcony with admirable poise.
She was muttering under her breath occasional words like "Mum" and "Mayday".
After nearly an hour her annoyance got the better of her and the former wife of Les Dennis stomped off muttering under her breath.
On a cruise ship some years ago I was given another treatment by a young Croatian who heroically spent 20 minutes squeezing my blackheads and muttering under her breath in her native tongue that I was using all the wrong soaps.