mutiny against

mutiny against (someone or something)

To instigate, join, or form a rebellion against the person, group, or body in charge. After weeks at sea chasing some sea creature they weren't even sure existed, the crew finally snapped and mutinied against their captain. The oppressed working-class people of the country mutinied against the fascists that controlled the country, killing anyone connected to or associated with the regime.
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mutiny against someone or something

1. to rebel against a ship's captain or the captain's authority. The crew mutinied against the officers. They know better than to mutiny against an authority as great as that held by Captain Bligh.
2. to rebel against someone or something. It does no good to mutiny against the professor. The students mutinied against the school's administration.
See also: mutiny
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It should be noted that the Pakistan cricket has seen much internal strife between rival clique, including the infamous Waqar Younis-led mutiny against the then skipper Wasim Akram during the 1990s.
Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) Set in 1787, director Frank Lloyd puts Gable into the role of Fletcher Christian, who helps partake in a mutiny against the tyrannical ship captain Bligh (Charles Laughton), leading the crew to freedom as they hijack the ship.
More than that, Faeldon could get lost in the crowd, as he had escaped from military stockade years ago for mutiny against then-President Gloria Arroyo, Gordon recounted.
Trillanes, who led the 2003 Oakwood mutiny against the Arroyo administration, said 'destabilization' means recruiting soldiers to launch a coup against the government.
On this historic day the Muslim population of Jammu and Kashmir had formally announced to launch the freedom movement by mutiny against the rule of Dogra imperialism under the dynamic leadership of a 23-year-old son of the soil Sardar Mohammad Abdul Qayyum.
Thus, in the short term, at least, the Taliban is facilitating Iranian interests through its mutiny against the US-backed government.
1857: The Sepoy Rebellion broke out in Meerut, triggering the Indian Mutiny against British rule.
Meanwhile, Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag expressed hope, at a news conference, that the United States of America would extradite Gulen, the suspected mastermind of the recent mutiny against the state.
First it was urgent, then threatening and soon sounded like a call for mutiny against Louis van Gaal and his pedestrianisation of Manchester United.
He joined the SPLA in August 1992 after a failed mutiny against the Sudanese army, becoming a commander around Juba in October 1992.
The hot-headed Trillanes, supported by fellow military men, had led a mutiny against the government twice before.
So he's transferred there and faces an unexpected destination, unidentified enemies, and possesses secret orders that may ultimately led him to mutiny against the institution he serves.
1857: The Sepoy Rebellion broke out in Meerut, |triggering the Indian Mutiny against British rule.
The fact that, after six weeks of the Gaza war, Israel has no victory to show for it and Hamas can still fire 100-150 rockets a day, has sparked a ministerial mutiny against the way the war is managed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon.
Senior leaders of Maharashtra and Assam, both poll-bound states, have quit, lending traction to mutiny against Rahul.