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mutiny against (someone or something)

To instigate, join, or form a rebellion against the person, group, or body in charge. After weeks at sea chasing some sea creature they weren't even sure existed, the crew finally snapped and mutinied against their captain. The oppressed working-class people of the country mutinied against the fascists that controlled the country, killing anyone connected to or associated with the regime.
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mutiny against someone or something

1. to rebel against a ship's captain or the captain's authority. The crew mutinied against the officers. They know better than to mutiny against an authority as great as that held by Captain Bligh.
2. to rebel against someone or something. It does no good to mutiny against the professor. The students mutinied against the school's administration.
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Mulcahy knew that the mutiny, for the present at least, was dead; knew, too, that a change had come over Dan's usually respectful attitude towards him, and Horse Egan's laughter and frequent allusions to abortive conspiracies emphasised all that the conspirator had guessed.
29 (ANI): The Bangladesh government should agree to new trials meeting international standards for members of the former Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) accused of mutiny and murder, including 139 whose death sentences were upheld on November 27, 2017, by the High Court, Human Rights Watch said today.
Gary Alejano declined to vouch for his fellow mutineer and now Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon, confirming claims of a rift among plotters of the 2003 Oakwood mutiny growing far and wide.
TAP) - Gunfire erupted at a key military camp in Ivory Coast's commercial capital, Abidjan, and its second-biggest city of Bouake as as a mutiny in the army enters its fourth day.
Doray Minerals Ltd, an Australian-based high-grade gold producer with a portfolio of gold properties in Western Australia and South Australia, and Mutiny Gold Ltd, an emerging gold, copper and silver producer based in Western Australia, have agreed to merge via an off-market takeover offer that values Mutiny at around $A36 million.
Sao Paulo, Shawwal 30, 1435, August 26, 2014, SPA -- A prison mutiny in which five inmates were killed ended Tuesday in Cascavel, in the southern Brazilian state of Parana.
The ASI filed a complaint alleging that a hospital complex is coming up within 300 metres of Mutiny Memorial.
A special court in Bangladesh has awarded death sentence to more than 150 border guards accused of murder and arson during a mutiny at their headquarters in 2009.
Dhaka: A Bangladeshi court Tuesday sentenced at least 150 soldiers to death and jailed hundreds more for their role in a 2009 mutiny in which scores of top officers were massacred.
NNA - A Bangladeshi court convicted several hundred soldiers on Tuesday at the start of a mass verdict and sentencing over a 2009 military mutiny in which scores of officers were massacred, AFP reported.
Summary: Six German sailors have been charged with mutiny over accusations they tied up their superior onboard a ship, in a first for the German navy, officials said Friday.
By Tesfa-Alem Tekle February 10, 2013 (ADDIS ABABA) -- Eritrean president Isaias Afewerki on Friday spoke for first time about last month's mutiny incident in Asmara after remaining silent for three weeks.
In the midst of a crucial period in the Irish Civil War, 1,200 recruits of Ireland's Civic Guard began a seven-week mutiny in reaction to the decision of the provisional government to preference men from the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) for senior positions in the Civic Guard.
A THUG handed a seven-year stretch for his part in a New Year prison riot which caused PS5m worth of damage has failed in a bid to get his conviction for mutiny overturned.
The BGB chief's comments came as the force earlier this week concluded internal trial of the rebel soldiers for command breaches in paramilitary courts under Bangladesh Rifles Act though the trial of the core carnage suspects and mutiny masterminds was still underway in a civil sessions judge's court under the country's Penal Code.