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mutiny against (someone or something)

To instigate, join, or form a rebellion against the person, group, or body in charge. After weeks at sea chasing some sea creature they weren't even sure existed, the crew finally snapped and mutinied against their captain. The oppressed working-class people of the country mutinied against the fascists that controlled the country, killing anyone connected to or associated with the regime.
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mutiny against someone or something

1. to rebel against a ship's captain or the captain's authority. The crew mutinied against the officers. They know better than to mutiny against an authority as great as that held by Captain Bligh.
2. to rebel against someone or something. It does no good to mutiny against the professor. The students mutinied against the school's administration.
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Mendy, Captain Adboukarim Jah, Lieutenant Momodou Alieu Bah, Corporal Samba Bah, Lance Corporal Babou Janha and Private Alagie Nying were each convicted on three counts: failure to report mutiny, of treason and concealment of treason.
The first recorded investigation of the mutiny was by Governor Lachlan Macquarie, who reported finding no evidence that the insurrection resulted from any direct fault on Bligh's part.
Chakravarty sets as his goal the seemingly unwieldy task of establishing a framework for understanding the movement from contemporary Mutiny chronicles and histories to popular Mutiny fictions, what the author calls "the process of generic mutation" (20).
The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial originally opened on Broadway in 1954 starring Henry Fonda as Greenwald and Lloyd Nolan as Queeg
Having frequently treated India as a text to be read and interpreted, it is hardly surprising that the British coping mechanism in the Mutiny's aftermath involved further textualization.
Certain selections may be familiar: the Russian battleship Potemkin, the mass uprising that shook the German High Seas Fleet in 1918, Invergordon, and the Port Chicago mutiny. The authors--Robert Zebroski, Michael Epkenhans of Germany's Otto yon Bismarck Foundation, Christopher M.
The accredited cause of the mutiny involved the introduction of a new training syllabus which increased the number of hours of drill from 36 to 40 1/2 hours per week.
A NORTH Wales man yesterday pleaded guilty to mutiny at a Liverpool jail.
A Philippine military court on Tuesday rescheduled an arraignment hearing for 265 soldiers who joined a short-lived, failed mutiny in July last year, after their lawyers voiced questions about the charges.
Nelson's first reaction to a mutiny in 1797 was to sympathise with the rebellious sailors and blame bad leadership.
Mutiny by Julian Stockwin (Hodder and Stoughton, pounds 14.99)
Consider New York documentary filmmaker Vivek Bald's Mutiny: Asians Storm British Music, a piece of that movement and an accomplice to its memory.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-16 December 2002-Spire set to distribute Toshiba Network Monitor with Mutiny on Board(C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Several historical studies of the so-called Singapore Mutiny have already been undertaken, both from the point of view of the imperial rulers and from that of the Indian resisters.
UK-based Mutiny Ltd has launched a network monitoring appliance called Mutiny 1.1.