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mutiny against someone or something

1. to rebel against a ship's captain or the captain's authority. The crew mutinied against the officers. They know better than to mutiny against an authority as great as that held by Captain Bligh.
2. to rebel against someone or something. It does no good to mutiny against the professor. The students mutinied against the school's administration.
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As to the actual upshot of the mutiny he cared nothing.
The mutiny had broken out and the barracks of the Mavericks were one white-washed pandemonium.
Eighty men were pounding with fist and heel the tables and trestles - eighty men, flushed with mutiny, stripped to their shirt sleeves, their knapsacks half-packed for the march to the sea, made the two-inch boards thunder again as they chanted, to a tune that Mulcahy knew well, the Sacred War Song of the Mavericks-
Bid a boy defy his father when the pantomime-cab is at the door, or a girl develop a will of her own when her mother is putting the last touches to the first ball-dress, but do not ask an Irish regiment to embark upon mutiny on the eve of a campaign, when it has fraternised with the native regiment that accompanies it, and driven its officers into retirement with ten thousand clamorous questions, and the prisoners dance for joy, and the sick men stand in the open calling down all known diseases on the head of the doctor, who has certified that they are "medically unfit for active service.
Mulcahy knew that the mutiny, for the present at least, was dead; knew, too, that a change had come over Dan's usually respectful attitude towards him, and Horse Egan's laughter and frequent allusions to abortive conspiracies emphasised all that the conspirator had guessed.
Doray Minerals Ltd, an Australian-based high-grade gold producer with a portfolio of gold properties in Western Australia and South Australia, and Mutiny Gold Ltd, an emerging gold, copper and silver producer based in Western Australia, have agreed to merge via an off-market takeover offer that values Mutiny at around $A36 million.
On Monday, the federal government registered mutiny case against PTI and PAT leaders in Pak Secretariat Police Station.
Sao Paulo, Shawwal 30, 1435, August 26, 2014, SPA -- A prison mutiny in which five inmates were killed ended Tuesday in Cascavel, in the southern Brazilian state of Parana.
The ASI filed a complaint alleging that a hospital complex is coming up within 300 metres of Mutiny Memorial.
NNA - A Bangladeshi court convicted several hundred soldiers on Tuesday at the start of a mass verdict and sentencing over a 2009 military mutiny in which scores of officers were massacred, AFP reported.
Dhaka: A Bangladeshi court Tuesday sentenced at least 150 soldiers to death and jailed hundreds more for their role in a 2009 mutiny in which scores of top officers were massacred.
DHAKA (TAP) - A court in Bangladesh has sentenced at least 150 soldiers to death over a bloody border guard mutiny in 2009.
30 ( ANI ): Human Rights Watch (HRW) of Asia has urged the government of Bangladesh to order a re-trial of 847 military personnel accused of murder, sexual assault, and other atrocities during the 2009 Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) mutiny, claiming fair trial standards were violated in the case.
For those of you who know enough history of South Sudan, you know that there were two Mutinies--1974 and 1975--before the Mutiny of Bor; however, these two Mutinies are not given any significant place in our history.
Meanwhile, the music mogul should be mindful of Mutiny on the Bounty, where the crew of an overbearing leader rebelled.