a must do

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a must do

Something that one should make a concerted effort to do. Oh, a trip to Sedona is a must do! You can really feel the energy there. The introductory course is a must do if you want to sign up for the advanced class. Oh, we're going to the Eiffel Tower, for sure—that's a must do when you're in Paris!
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a must (do)

and must
n. something that someone ought to do. Seeing the Eiffel tower is a must do in Paris. Tell me some of the “musts” in southern Utah.
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According to President Tsai, China must do the following if it hopes for 'cross-strait relations develop in a positive direction.'
You can also identify your priorities by identifying each week what you must do, should do and could do.
Juve are at full strength with both Zinedine Zidane and Antonio Conte fit after scares, while Lazio must do without Alessandro Nesta.
You must do things my way or else." It is a grandiose attitude akin to Zeus hurling thunderbolts at mortals who have ignored his commands.
* "Must" #1 (a demand on oneself): "I MUST do well by my mate and get her approval, or I'm no good."
Writers may well be reputed to be an aggregation of distinct and well-defined individuals laboring in compatibility in order to bring forth something on paper exclusively from their cultivatable minds; and Writer Must does give the effect to fit that analogy.