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a must

That which is requisite, necessary, or indispensable. I know this book is a difficult read, but it's an absolute must if you enjoy literature. Taking the introductory course is a must if you want to sign up for the advanced class. A: "Wait, we're out of eggs. Will that be a problem for the recipe?" B: "Uh, yeah, eggs are a must if you want to make Mom's brownies."
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a must do

Something that one should make a concerted effort to do. Oh, a trip to Sedona is a must do! You can really feel the energy there. The introductory course is a must do if you want to sign up for the advanced class. Oh, we're going to the Eiffel Tower, for sure—that's a must do when you're in Paris!
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Whatever the summary or leitmotif, each depiction in this work in the end goes dark as Must probes deep within the centre of his complex, knotty characters.
Enzymes are very popular in white wine making since extraction and clarification of the must is difficult due to the presence of pectins extracted during winemaking.
Differentiate between the essential requirements (the "musts") and the desirable (the "wants").
To obtain the exemption, they must file form 8854 with the IRS to document the expatriation and provide information about their recent tax history, income and assets.
The industry partner must be included in the initial concept development, traditionally a government-only activity.
In interviews with Dawson; Carolyn Breeding, RD, LD, FADA, president of Dietary Consultants, Inc.; and Marianne Smith Edge, MS, RD, LD, FADA, president of the American Dietetic Association, all three agreed that the quality of food is of paramount importance and must improve industry-wide to see a rise in resident satisfaction and overall improvement of their nutritional condition.
Emotional maturity and stability are musts: "Wanting to look better to improve self-esteem is a valid reason," says Weiss.
What are the three most important qualities a good camp counselor must posses?
Aggressiveness and intensity are musts in practice and games.
Identification of these problems are musts. This should lead in the direction of better means of assessing and reporting of learner progress.
The message of anger is: "You must treat me with respect.
* "Must" #1 (a demand on oneself): "I MUST do well by my mate and get her approval, or I'm no good."
The third-party registrar, who must be accredited by a recognized accreditation body, performs the audit and issues a certificate stating that you are in full compliance.