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muse over (someone or something)

To ponder thoughtfully or distractedly about someone or something. I keep musing over what Tom said the other day—could it really be true? She mused over Jonathan and his dreamy blue eyes for the entire car journey home.
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muse over someone or something

to reflect or meditate on someone or something. We were just now musing over Sarah and the way she has changed. Tom is so strange. I was musing over his behavior just yesterday.
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Previously, Musing was employed as president of Ares Serono Inc in the US and executive vice president of Ares Serono in North and Latin America.
Critique: An engaging and compelling volume of commentary that is as well written as it is insightful, informative, thoughtful and thought provoking, "My India: Musings of a Patriot" is very highly recommended for community and academic library Contemporary India reference collections and supplemental studies reading lists.
Washington, August 28 ( ANI ): Mind wandering can be a sign of mental wellbeing, provided that your off-task musings are interesting and useful even if not related to the task at hand, a new study has suggested.
But if it could be persuasively argued that this "generational imperative" to be rooted and centered in sustaining and defining African matrices of creativity and identity has not lasted beyond the cohort of Femi Osofisan, Niyi Osundare, Odia Ofeimun, Tess Onwueme and Zaynab Alkali, it remains true that it was of great import to the earlier generation and could be found in representative inscriptions in the work of each author: Achebe with his famous essayistic musings on the "chi" in Igbo cosmology; Okigbo with his invocations of the river goddess, Idoto; Clark with his stupendous scholarly and creative works on the Ijaw Ozidi saga; and far more extensively and definitively, Soyinka in essays, poems and plays on and about Ogun.
Musings with a Cuppa', a pertinent collection of tea poems on love, life and civility.; Musings and Men, a poetry book comparing men to tea; and Musings for the Quiet Person, poems that remind us of the critical value of quietness.
"Musings at the End of Modernity: An Aphoristic Essay" is a collection of aphorisms, or short, to the point paragraphs speaking author Conor O'Brian Barnes' opinion on many things about life.