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museum piece

Someone or something that is particularly aged or old-fashioned (thus likened to something belonging in a museum). Wow, where'd you get this museum piece? Does it even still work? My grannie is a museum piece of the intolerance and bigotry of the 1950s.
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museum piece

An elderly or old-fashioned item or person, as in When are you going to sell that museum piece of a car? or Aunt Jane comes from another era-she's a real museum piece. This expression originated about 1900 for an article valuable enough for museum display but began to be used disparagingly from about 1915.
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museum piece, a

An old-fashioned or decrepit item or person. Basically this term is a genuine description of an item of value or rarity that was used ironically or pejoratively from about 1915 on. John Galsworthy used it in Swan Song (1928): “The girl and her brother had been museum pieces, two Americans without money to speak of.”
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he called to the water- carrier, sluicing the crotons by the Museum.
Kim stood amazed at this, because he had overheard the talk in the Museum, and knew that the old man was speaking the truth, which is a thing a native on the road seldom presents to a stranger.
It is also important to increase the knowledge of museum guides," he explained.
Several months before the exhibition opened, the Cantor Foundation advised the museum that the Calgary media would likely be contacted by Gary Arseneau, an artist and gallery owner from Florida and a self-proclaimed crusader on a mission to expose supposed art fraud.
The Gold Reef Apartheid Museum on the outskirts of Johannesburg was the first of its kind, but it also formed part of a suburban casino and theme park, an incongruity that inevitably diminished its impact.
Participating art museums include the New Britain Museum of American Art and the Wadsworth Athenaeum Museum of Art in Connecticut; the Delaware Art Museum; the Farnsworth Art Museum and Wyeth Center in Maine; the Cape Cod Museum of Art; Boston's Museum of Fine Arts; the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts; the Currier Museum of Art in New Hampshire; Montclair Art Museum in New Jersey; International Center of Photography in New York; Solomon R.
Now, for an unprecedented three months, the Forsythe Company's home will be the open, spacious galleries of Munich's museum of modern and contemporary art.
Designed by the acclaimed Tokyo-based firm of Sejima and Nishizawa/ SANAA, the new 60,000 s/f, seven-story Museum will be the first art museum building constructed in downtown Manhattan in over a century.
This is no ordinary museum, says architect Duane Blue Spruce, who helped plan the building's many unique features.
The National Museum of Dentistry inspires people to make healthy choices about oral health by creating and sharing learning opportunities that celebrate the heritage and future of dentistry, the achievements of dental professionals and the importance of oral health in a healthy life.
The three main goals of the museum are to collect, preserve and promote children's art globally.
The museum at Mosul was sacked, and dozens of key archaeological sites--including ancient Nineveh and Nimrud digs--were looted, often using heavy equipment.
Since the staff had removed all but the heaviest artifacts from the twenty-eight public galleries of the museum, the first waves of looters found only large items.
The museum is currently seeking military memorabilia from World War I to present day for public display in the new 30,000 square-foot aircraft hanger housing the museum.