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muse over (someone or something)

To ponder thoughtfully or distractedly about someone or something. I keep musing over what Tom said the other day—could it really be true? She mused over Jonathan and his dreamy blue eyes for the entire car journey home.
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muse over someone or something

to reflect or meditate on someone or something. We were just now musing over Sarah and the way she has changed. Tom is so strange. I was musing over his behavior just yesterday.
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Muser noted that 7 gigapascals, the pressure at which aluminum instantly deteriorates, was too low to produce that tightly knit network.
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"With Tony Muser and I, we're guys that just want to hang out and work with kids.
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to Frani Muser: "I hope the mystique of the pyramids didn't
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Comment: Somewhere between honest and cheater's palindromes on the scale of palindromic respectability reside what I would call "iterative" palindromes, palindromes such as the one that comprises the greater part of "Resume Muser." (In the preceding text, the iterative portions are the two long passages in italics.) An iterative palindrome, in my parlance, is one that takes an easy route to palindromic lengthiness by incorporating a long list, or some similarly long, repetitive passage of a formulaic nature.
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While "Dance Moms" viewers will have to decide on their favorite in the Choice Dancer category they can rest easy knowing their Choice Muser pick will be a little easier.
Umpire Rick Reed informed Padres bench coach Tony Muser before the game when he brought out the lineup card that he would call a balk on Otska if he used his funky delivery with runners on base.
SAN DIEGO PADRES - Named Davey Lopes first base coach, Dave Magadan hitting coach and Tony Muser bench coach.
Creativity Aspirations: Choosing this aspiration gives 'Muser' bonus trait which improves skill gains of the Sim while 'Inspired.'