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muse over (someone or something)

To ponder thoughtfully or distractedly about someone or something. I keep musing over what Tom said the other day—could it really be true? She mused over Jonathan and his dreamy blue eyes for the entire car journey home.
See also: muse, over

muse over someone or something

to reflect or meditate on someone or something. We were just now musing over Sarah and the way she has changed. Tom is so strange. I was musing over his behavior just yesterday.
See also: muse, over
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Alongside Evans, MUSE features talent from Lou Ferrigno Jr.
They know their muse is not to be found only in people but in places, objects or even in their imagination.
Rain or Shine, TNT KaTropa and Columbian Dyip have yet to reveal their muses for opening night.
Previously, Bush said she thought the man found in the septic tank was to blame for Muse's death, and then she gave a detailed statement saying she killed Muse out of jealousy and that Clark wasn't even home at the time.
Along with a meal for four at Muse to celebrate, Vicky's dish, osso buco with Milanese risotto, will also feature on the menu at Muse during September to celebrate the restaurant's fifth birthday.
Tickets for Muse and Biffy Clyro go on sale next Friday at 9am.
Immediately after closure of the knee joint, the rats' knees were unequally distributed into 3 groups (Table 1): control group--PBS injection; non-Muse group--an intra-articular injection of non-Muse cells (5 x [10.sup.4]); and Muse group--an intraarticular injection of Muse cells (5 x [10.sup.4]).
Open all day, every day (brunch, lunch and dinner), Muse is a wonderful place to meet friends for a coffee or something stronger.
Muse cells, unlike many other pluripotent cells, do not cause tumors.
While the verb muse might appear to have a connection to museum, it is the noun muse that plays a role in the history of the word.
Summary: Knafeh and ashta but also mulberry, passion fruit, strawberry, and apple are among the ice cream flavors high-end chocolate concept store Muse, located in Downtown Beirut's Wadi Hills, has introduced as part of its new ice cream line launched this week.
Hinds Community College (Miss.) President Clyde Muse was honored with a state Senate Concurrent Resolution for his role in the invention of the game of T-ball.
A Muse and a Maze: Writing as Puzzle, Mystery, and Magic
SHOWBIZ Festival headline act announced MUSE have been revealed as the second headline act at Download Festival 2015.
Envivio now offers 4K Ultra HD compression as part of its Muse encoding software.