muscle out of

muscle (one) out (of something or some place)

1. To compel one to leave some place or thing through the use of physical force. The bouncer muscled the young man out of the club. When we were kids, my older brother was constantly muscling me out of his tree house. Hey, I want to see, too! Quit muscling me out!
2. By extension, to use one's power, influence, or money to force, pressure, or coerce one to leave some position, place, or thing. I hate the way these huge conglomerates come in and muscle local businesses out of town. The rest of the board members banded together to muscle the CEO out. After the military muscled the prime minister out of office, it set up a dictatorship in the small country.
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muscle someone out of something

 and muscle someone out
to force someone out of something; to push someone out of something. (Can be physical or by coercion.) Are you trying to muscle me out of my job? The younger people are muscling out the older ones.
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