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without a murmur

Without any protest or complaint; in silent compliance. The protesters were arrested without a murmur, and each stepped silently into the police van. I was shocked when I assigned a 10-page paper and my students just sat there without a murmur. Maybe they were still asleep.
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murmur against someone or something

to grumble about someone or something. Everyone was murmuring against the manager. The citizens will begin murmuring about the government soon.
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murmur at (someone or an animal)

to say something softly or indistinctly to someone or an animal. Stop murmuring at me. Speak up! Gene sat alone, murmuring at his favorite cat for over an hour.
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(do something) withˌout a ˈmurmur

(do something) without complaining: She paid the extra money for the trip without a murmur.
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References in classic literature ?
Half asleep, and murmuring broken words, they stood in the angle made by the bow of the boat.
I AM minded of the fathers dead on the battlefield, of The land which gave them birth, I feel them as I touch the bark of the trees, listen to the Boughs murmuring, and see the leaves move in the Silken breeze, I see the defenders of faith as I go into the mountains, Where the bare cliffs brush the sky.
A MUM accused of beating her son to death with a stick for failing to learn the Koran said he was still murmuring extracts from it when he collapsed, according to a video confession shown at her trial yesterday.
Hear the word meditate release its sound of intoning and murmuring of Scripture.
Bird Inside These Monastery Walls," as the first movement is titled, features an occasional piccolo bird-song over a carpet of murmuring sixteenth notes, woven through a steady quarter-note pulse--perhaps the tread of the monks' footsteps.
MURMURING JUDGES, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, running time 2hr 40min, until April 19.
The first section, "Detroit, City of Straits," progresses through the airy, introductory poem of the same title, to the sturdy silent figures of "The Belle Isle Men," their voices murmuring "the revenge of lust exchanged like rage," to the quiet reminiscence of "The Nature of Braille," in which the speaker remembers "the prettiest girl in the fifth grade" and the "glossy gray veils obscuring her eyes.
Many people have told me that in the midst of serious life crises, when it was impossible to think or pray on their own, they found themselves murmuring prayers put into their memory banks long ago, and it brought God near.
From a gentle tip-tap like the murmuring patter of spring rain to thunder-crack jumps and the smart-aleck snap-slap-pop of a firecracker, Glover's feet tossed like tassels, and the sounds alternately soothed and then sparked the senses.
At that, the murmuring intensified until another young woman raised her hand and identified herself as a representative of one of the city's most prestigious design firms.
Diminuendo, lull, a finger swept from lips down slope of murmuring neck.