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murky waters

A situation or circumstance that is foreign, unclear, or unfamiliar and which may be dangerous or difficult as a result. We're starting to get into murky waters exploiting these tax loopholes. If we aren't careful, the government may crack down on us hard! John keeps himself so closed off that I've never understood the murky waters of his emotions.
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(be in/get into) murky/uncharted ˈwaters

(be in/get into) a difficult or dangerous situation that you do not know anything about: As I opened up the computer to try and fix the problem, I realized that I was getting into completely uncharted waters and decided to leave it to the experts.
Murky water is dark or dirty. If somebody is in uncharted waters, they are in an area of sea or ocean that is not known or recorded on a map.
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Initially hating each other, they find that love can shine through the murkiest waters.
Some news accounts have accurately stated that the DOD has the complete power under the law to not implement (or rescind) what is arguably "one of the murkiest aspects" of the Act.
The glaistig's identity is one of the murkiest of all supernatural beings, since tales range from it being a type of vampire to a helpful but sometimes mischievous spirit.
Some scholars argue that section 1 represents the murkiest of standards and is therefore ripe for a court's "antilegislative agenda.
IT MAY not please ticket-sellers at Newbury but Ferdy Murphy will be hoping that Hennessy Cognac Gold Cup day is the murkiest and greyest of the year - he does not want the sun to cost New Alco another big-race win.
13) Although the definition of what constitutes "job relatedness" and "business necessity" are among the murkiest areas of employment discrimination law, the basic idea is that selection procedures must accurately predict actual performance in an important area of the job.
DIGITALIS are odds-on to perform well in the murkiest corners of your garden.
Perhaps the murkiest and most complex aspect of the Turkmen-Ukraine gas trade," the report went on to say,
This paper's thesis is that, in many of the murkiest areas of public health policy, the federal government is the appropriate level of government to exert leadership.
At least we must now have reached the murkiest depths of the TV phone-in scandal.
A novel as daring as Jennifer Egan's The Keep makes us think hard about one of the murkiest mysteries of all: the mystery of perception, that uncertain border where reality and imagination meet.
Delivering democracy was--until Hamas' political rise--Washington's strongest, albeit murkiest pretext to justify its military presence in the Middle East.
The gambling--fixing side of the B-Sox story is by far the murkiest, where little is certain--something I tried to convey in my book by a Who's on First?
Malakov's tale thus touches on some of the murkiest parts of Kyiv's experience under the Nazis, and his non-partisan conclusions are meant to clarify how World War II affected Kyivans' mentality.
The Digital Divide defense may be the murkiest of the bunch.