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Acquitted in Los Angeles County Superior Court in 1995 of murdering his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman a year earlier.
Jones faces special-circumstances allegations of committing more than one murder; lying in wait and murdering Hacker murder during a robbery, to avoid arrest; and lying in wait and killing Willis while committing mayhem.
In a press conference after the penalty verdict, prosecutors painted Nieves as an emotionless woman who has never suffered remorse or regret about murdering her daughters.
Castillo pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the Strobel case, but is already serving a life sentence for murdering a Santa Paula market owner during an attempted robbery in June 1998.
Soto, 38, is charged with murdering Alba, 35, as he slept in the couple's Ventura apartment.
The verdict brought anguish to relatives and friends of Robert Adair, who said they believe Jeanie Adair got away with murdering him in their Sylmar condominium on Nov.
Solomon, 35, and Moore were convicted of murdering Tarkhanian, but the jury deadlocked on whether there were special circumstances, so Solomon escaped the death penalty.
But instead of using this information to chase Shaw away, Steven attempts to employ it as blackmail and tempt Shaw into murdering his wife.
A week after removing himself from the second trial of the man charged with murdering a Simi Valley police officer, Ventura Superior Court Judge Allan Steele found himself back on the case.
In fact, in Cochran's 32-year career as a trial lawyer in Los Angeles, the only murder case Bugliosi could recall that got minimal newspaper coverage was in 1972, when Cochran defended Black Panther Elmer ``Geronimo'' Pratt for murdering a white schoolteacher.
In real life, this issue came up briefly when Susan Smith of South Carolina was on trial for murdering her two sons.
Jaime Gonzalez, 20, was charged with murdering Diane Santos Tone, an acquaintance.