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munch out

Sl. to overeat. I can't help it. Whenever I see french fries, I just have to munch out. I try not to munch out more than once a week.
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n. a despised male. (Usually objectionable.) You dumb butt-munch! Why did you do that?

munch out

in. to eat ravenously. (see also pig out.) I had to munch out after the party. I can’t imagine why.
See also: munch, out
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In another fall promotion, Van Munching announced a full Octoberfest program for its Heineken and Heineken Special Dark beers.
We know from year's past that consumers get caught up in the fun of Octoberfest and are more willing to sample dark beer brands," explained special projects manager Chris Van Munching.
Munching suggestion: They're nicest munched on their own or sprinkled on a salad.
Munching suggestion: Sesame seeds are incredibly easy to incorporate into your daily diet.
Munching suggestion: Swap that bag of crisps for some dry-roasted peanuts or spread natural peanut butter on toast for a tasty snack.
Munching suggestion: Throw some chopped almonds into your breakfast cereal to add to the crunch.
About a quarter of monarch larvae died after 1 day of munching on pollen-dusted leaves collected near Bt-corn fields.
PHOTO : Doug Brodman, Van Munching assistant national sales manager.
And munching on the yellow flowers of the gray mustard plant wasn't so bad, Molnar said.
But pigs and goats already had done a lot of munching and were on the verge of wiping out native wildlife, said Bill Bushing, the conservancy's vice president for science, education and ecological restoration.
The conservancy tried to restore the missing vegetation and stepped up sport hunting, but the pigs and goats continued munching.