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get the munchies

To become hungry (often due to marijuana use). If you've got the munchies, then go get a snack already!
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have the ˈmunchies

(informal) suddenly feel hungry: Can I borrow some money? I’ve got the munchies and I haven’t got any money to buy anything.
Munchies is connected with the word munch, which means ‘eat something steadily and often noisily’.
See also: have, munchies


1. n. the need to eat after using marijuana. He came in late with the minchies, and we knew what he had been up to.
2. n. snacks, such as potato chips; any casual food. What kind of munchies are we going to have?
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Munchies stocks everything from snacks--ice cream, frozen microwaveable pizzas and sandwiches, cereal and soft drinks--to party accessories and tobacco products--nine different brands of cigarettes, Swisher grope-flavored cigarillos, chewing tobacco and rolling papers.
Girlie Night In, pounds 99 per person, includes room, breakfast, Mal munchies, bottle of house wine, polish and tan or salt scrub and back massage.
Avoid munchie meltdown at any party by having a balanced meal before you go.
The new bars are called Mommy Munchies Nutrition Bars and they were designed by an active mom for active moms.
Almond Munchies have no added oil and are not fried.
But the multi-coloured munchies caused a bit of a problem for Laila Rouass, who plays Amber.
E&B's founder is Bob Rook, a music lawyer who started E&B in the 1970s "as a place that musicians could go to after their gigs to mellow out and satisfy their munchies," according to the company's website.
Prepare some cold sparkling grape juice or hot cinnamon-spiced cider and a plate of hot, savory, crunchy munchies and you've got it covered.
Plans for a cafe are in the works, which would incorporate matte-based munchies and other rainforest-grown foods, such as brazil nuts, into the Guayaki mix.
A one-ounce serving (1/4 cup) of Mighty Mo Munchies, for example, averages 120 calories, four grams of fat (three of them the good, unsaturated kind), and 170 milligrams of sodium.
On the way up the M6 I had an attack of the munchies and grabbed a burger at one of the motorway service stations.
Dietary prepares snacks for the bus trip, which takes approximately one hour, along with munchies for the vacation.
Responses to last month's on-the-go question suggest that mobile munchies can make great stocking stuffers for young adults, as long as they are well wrapped.
While the munchies triggered by smoking marijuana provide a rich vein of humor for comedians, the appetite suppression brought about by cocaine abuse is no laughing matter.
FDA planned to give people with AIDS phony pot and watch them starve to prove what everyone already knows: marijuana gives you the munchies," said Robert Randall, president of the Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics.