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munch out

Sl. to overeat. I can't help it. Whenever I see french fries, I just have to munch out. I try not to munch out more than once a week.
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n. a despised male. (Usually objectionable.) You dumb butt-munch! Why did you do that?

munch out

in. to eat ravenously. (see also pig out.) I had to munch out after the party. I can’t imagine why.
See also: munch, out
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Memon: The Muncher process doesn't produce any toxic gases, hazardous compounds or foul odors--and it won't pollute landfills or aquifers.
VILLAGE GREEN: The cast of The Litter Muncher musical at Golcar Junior, Infant and Nursery School
Many children play Number Muncher and Fraction Muncher just to attain the highest score.
Muncher says, "We want these kids to really learn about the importance of taking care of the worlds' vanishing coral reefs and rainforests.
The specially designed muncher at work at New Street station
The Mono Series 'A' Muncher offers a reliable and economical solution to the problem of reducing food waste.
A TR Muncher from NOV MONO has been specified by United Utilities to increase process efficiency at its Warrington North wastewater treatment works by preventing pump blockages and minimising down time.
The Sports Muncher is a drink bottle with a kid-friendly grip.
THE future's bright, the future's orange - and so is the face of mega carrot muncher Julie Tari.
CSG Lanstar, the UK's leading specialist in the collection and treatment of bulk and packaged liquid waste streams, has installed a high performance TR Muncher from NOV[R] MON[[R] to improve process efficiency.
IT was difficult to know whether to feel sorry for or suspicious of sleepwalking food muncher Susan Cope (The Trouble With Sleep, BBC1,Tuesday).
Louis may claim he caught Max in cahoots with a Guardian journalist, but I'd imagine this was more embarrassing for the mung-bean muncher in question than for Max.
Whether you are a nibbler, muncher, cutter or breaker, the way you eat your banana can reveal your personality, a psychologist has claimed.
A high performance TR Muncher from NOV Mono has been installed at Port Isaac Sewage Treatment Works as part of a major project to combat increasing downtime at the facility.
The TR Muncher from Mono NOV, designer and manufacturer of pumps, parts, grinders, screens and packaged systems has been installed by Thames Water to improve efficiency at Bracknell Sewage Treatment Works by preventing pump blockages and minimising downtime.