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rude slang One who is stupid or irritating. Ugh, don't even listen to that guy, he's such a buttmunch.

munch out (on something)

To eat (a specific thing) gluttonously or to excess. Once a month, my friends and I get together and munch out on pizza and watch cheesy horror movies. I'll just have a salad. I've been munching out too much lately.
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munch out

Sl. to overeat. I can't help it. Whenever I see french fries, I just have to munch out. I try not to munch out more than once a week.
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n. a despised male. (Usually objectionable.) You dumb butt-munch! Why did you do that?

munch out

in. to eat ravenously. (see also pig out.) I had to munch out after the party. I can’t imagine why.
See also: munch, out
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The specific aim with the Munch film, which is in some ways contradicted by the form, was to do something so complex, yet interrelated, that it would help people to go away from the material into their own memory.
Munch permeates his painting with psychic realities-which he described as "Panic" forces--that are otherwise concealed behind visible reality.
The Scream for sale was created in 1885 and is the only version with a frame hand-painted by Munch which includes a poem explaining his inspiration for the piece.
My father Thomas Olsen was a friend of Munch, and acquired The Scream as well as many other works by the artist.
Il est significatif que ce qui pourrait etre apprehende comme des ressorts psychologiques permettant de comprendre le comportement ou les toiles de Munch n'est jamais presente ainsi dans le film.
En busca de Edvard Munch es una destacada primera novela de Ceballos Garibay, en la que con inteligencia mezcla el ensayo con la ficcion y logra recoger lo esencial del expresionismo: una vision tragica de la vida.
His first-round opponent Denis Ovens retired injured after losing the first set 3-0, so although we haven't seen much of Munch, he has the potential to play a further part in the championship.
El amor-desamor entre Daniel y Nora --una curadora de arte noruega, mucho mas alta que Daniel-- se va mimetizando con los amores de Munch, que se describen en el libro .
Munch had childhood bouts of respiratory infections, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and rheumatic fever.
The Liverpool scouts must have been watching Dylan play for Mollies Munch FC in the Bootle League.
PARIS, Apr 17, 2010 (TUR) -- A renowned Turkish painter has opened an exhibition in the French capital of Paris, in homage to the legendary Norwegian artist Edvard Munch.
The Merry Merchant Munch and the Winter Wonderland Walk are sponsored by the Chugiak-Eagle River Chamber of Commerce.
Munch has been seen hanging out with a tall man who strongly resembles a vampire and disappears in a cloud of smoke.