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mummy's boy

A boy or man who is particularly close with his mother to the point of being overly dependent on her. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Lynn dumped Mark because he was such a mummy's boy and always ran to her to fix his problems.
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a ˈmummy’s/ˈmother’s boy

(British English) (American English a ˈmama’s boy) (disapproving) a boy or man who is thought to be too weak because he is influenced and controlled by his mother: He’s a bit of a mummy’s boy really. He ought to leave home and become a bit more independent.She always makes sure he wears a scarf — he’s a real mother’s boy.
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Then the skin was painted with manganese--giving the mummy a black color.
The book opens with a fascinating account of the discovery of the mummy portraits and their reception in scholarly and popular realms.
During an "off-the-record" bull session with reporters later that day, White House press secretary Mike McCurry topped Clinton's gag with one of his own: "Probably she does look good compared to the mummy he's been [having sex with].
When President Clinton viewed the mummy, he Elvissed that she was a pretty little thing, and he might have liked to date her.
The mummy room has been completely overhauled and partitioned off from the rest of the museum.
To unravel some of that mystery, researchers put the mummy through a day-long X-ray scattering experiment at the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, using the synchrotron at the facility.
YUMMY MUMMY BRITISH actress Valerie Leon played a dual role in Hammer Horror's 1971 film, Blood From the Mummy's Tomb, appearing as both Margaret Fuchs and the evil mummy of Egyptian Queen Tera, who possesses her.
Daniel Mummy takes me to the shops to buy sweeties.
Jaipur, Mar 8(ANI): A three-member team from Egypt on Tuesday re-preserved a 2,300 old Egyptian mummy in Jaipur, Rajasthan.
A 4000-YEAR-OLD Chinese mummy has been claimed as a Scot - because of its red hair and kilt-like dress.
The exhibition is designed to transport onlookers back to the Egyptian tombs of Akhmim and the funerary tables and labs of ancient mortuaries; through the discovery of mummies by Western explorers and the ensuing "unrolling" soirees of the 19th century; to current-day mummy research, including reconstruction of mummies' facial features in sculptural busts and digitizing mummies' body cavities using scanning technology from radiology labs.
When she was 4 years old, she saw a mummy in a Springfield museum, a chance encounter that launched a lifelong fascination with mummies.
Summary: <p>Scientists trying to unwrap the mysteries of a more than 2,500-year-old mummy believed to be an ancient Egyptian priest have conducted computer scans to help determine how the man died, what was buried with him and what he looked like.
Archaeologists have long questioned how an unidentified man entombed in a 1,700-year-old mummy at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery met his death.