mum's the word!

mum's the word

A request or pledge to keep something a secret. Now, I don't want anyone to know that I'm pregnant yet, so mum's the word. Your secret is safe with me. Mum's the word.
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ˌmum’s the ˈword!

(informal) used for telling somebody to keep a secret or for telling somebody that you will keep a secret: ‘Nobody must mention this project outside the office. I hope that’s clear.’ ‘We understand, John. Mum’s the word!’
These two idioms refer to the sound you make when your mouth is closed.
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MUM'S the word! Twycross Zoo, near Tamworth, is urging sons and daughters to give their mums a gift this Mother's Day - a visit to see the new babies with their mothers.
Mum's the word! It's natural to overeat for a few months after a period of starvation.