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multiply by (something)

1. To use multiplication according to a particular factor. Finally, we have to multiply by seven to find the solution. If you multiply by 0.33, you'll get the portion of your rent that you are allowed to write off as a business expense.
2. To use multiplication on a given number according to a particular factor. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "multiply" and "by." Multiply that number by 10—that's how much you owe me now! If you multiply nine by any single digit, the product will always be two digits that, when added together, equal nine!
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multiply something by something

to use the arithmetic process of multiplication to expand numerically a particular number a certain number of times. Multiply the number of dependents you are claiming by one thousand dollars. Multiply 12 by 16 and tell me what you get.
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multiply by something

to use the arithmetic process of multiplication to expand numerically a certain number of times. To get the amount of your taxes, multiply by .025. Can you multiply by sixteens?
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is, flip the second fraction, then multiply it by the first fraction.
Then take that number multiply it by two and add the percentage sign.
Simply take the cumulative hourly wage of all employees who cannot work without the data, and multiply it by the number of hours that the data is inaccessible.
For hospital administrators, multiply it by hundreds.
Multiply it by 2 and you will hit the straight approximately 32 per cent of the time.
Then take that ratio, multiply it by the 35 million unisured, and we get a rough number for how many lithotripsies we need to do if we want to cover the poor.
Multiply it by 50 - I'll wait while you get the calculator.