multiply by

multiply by

1. To use multiplication according to a particular factor (specified after the word "by"). Finally, we have to multiply by seven to find the solution. If you multiply by 0.33, you'll get the portion of your rent that you are allowed to write off as a business expense.
2. To use multiplication on a given number according to a particular factor (specified after the word "by"). In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "multiply" and "by." Multiply that number by 10—that's how much you owe me now! If you multiply nine by any single digit, the product will always be two digits that, when added together, equal nine!
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multiply something by something

to use the arithmetic process of multiplication to expand numerically a particular number a certain number of times. Multiply the number of dependents you are claiming by one thousand dollars. Multiply 12 by 16 and tell me what you get.
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multiply by something

to use the arithmetic process of multiplication to expand numerically a certain number of times. To get the amount of your taxes, multiply by .025. Can you multiply by sixteens?
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Let me recap: multiply your shoe size by five, add 50, multiply by 20, add 1012 and subtract the year you were born.
Then subtract the amount of new policies Cameron's got and multiply by the amount of talented MPs he's got to carry them through.
Of course, if you want to be exact, you can find your target heart rate by using the standard formula where you subtract your age from 220 for men or 226 for women and multiply by 70 percent.
So I need to multiply by, I need the three I started with.
25 or multiply by 8 and leave off the last right-hand digit.
Multiply the overthrow (the distance from the ground on one side over the top of the stack to the ground on the other side) by length by width (in feet), multiply by 3, divide by 10, then divide by 400 to 500.
The formula (multiply the numbers of horses you've used in each successive race, then multiply by $2) isn't as hard as it sounds once you get used to it.
Amoebas multiply by splitting--no one has observed sex--so clone mates with the same A-factor accumulate.
In addition, the de Saisset will also host Multiply by Six Million: A Personal Perspective on the Holocaust: Portraits of Survivors from the Legacy Project by Evvy Eisen.
The Multiply by Six Million exhibition features Inverness-based photographer Evvy Eisen's decades-long project to create portraits of Holocaust survivors and collect their personal histories.
Tip: count your beats for six seconds and multiply by 10.
Our XRAYMEDIA LOM-equipped innovative web stores can easily add an additional turnover of more than US $6,000,000 to XRAYMEDIA with just targeted local exposure and multiply by rapidly increasing our marketing areas in an XRAYMEDIA centralized conglomerate environment.