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multiply by

1. To use multiplication according to a particular factor (specified after the word "by"). Finally, we have to multiply by seven to find the solution. If you multiply by 0.33, you'll get the portion of your rent that you are allowed to write off as a business expense.
2. To use multiplication on a given number according to a particular factor (specified after the word "by"). In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "multiply" and "by." Multiply that number by 10—that's how much you owe me now! If you multiply nine by any single digit, the product will always be two digits that, when added together, equal nine!
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multiply something by something

to use the arithmetic process of multiplication to expand numerically a particular number a certain number of times. Multiply the number of dependents you are claiming by one thousand dollars. Multiply 12 by 16 and tell me what you get.
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multiply by something

to use the arithmetic process of multiplication to expand numerically a certain number of times. To get the amount of your taxes, multiply by .025. Can you multiply by sixteens?
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15 Calculate the following: multiply 16 by 9, subtract 47, multiply by 8, divide by 2, and finally add 26
After that they asked the officer to bring in $500,000 so that they could multiply it.
To make a vaccine, scientists grow a known virus, inactivate it so it can't multiply, and inject it into humans.
So I need to multiply but I need that one and five tenths but what do I also need?
Among a new range of fittings, Foscarini present these three new models; Big Bang, an irregular and apparently random intersection of planes, available in white or two colour combinations (designed by Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Garcia Jimenez); Caboche, a contemporary chandelier that incorporates almost two hundred polymethylmethacrylate balls that multiply the brightness (designed by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto); and Uto, a silicon rubber floor, ceiling or hook lamp that can be positioned freely as one wishes (designed by Lagranja Design).
The simplest is to figure the regular weekly wage (yearly salary divided by 52); divide that number by 40; multiply the result times 1.
An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Multiply Forming
If a student begins saving even a small amount of money while in college, rather than waiting until after graduation, the difference can multiply dramatically into thousands of dollars later.
To standardize productivity, you should multiply your productivity measure by 100 and then divide this product by the percent of time the individual is involved in billable clinical activity.
Study of them is less controversial than embryonic cells, but their ability to multiply and grow into other types of tissues is limited.
Multiply length by width by depth in feet and divide by 1.
Multiply that number by an activity factor-50% for most regular runners who are very active.
Magurran found that multiply mated females produced significantly larger broods and gestated for an average of 8.
2]) then the collocation constraint is better scaled (as h [right arrow] 0) if we multiply it by [h.