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multiply by (something)

1. To use multiplication according to a particular factor. Finally, we have to multiply by seven to find the solution. If you multiply by 0.33, you'll get the portion of your rent that you are allowed to write off as a business expense.
2. To use multiplication on a given number according to a particular factor. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "multiply" and "by." Multiply that number by 10—that's how much you owe me now! If you multiply nine by any single digit, the product will always be two digits that, when added together, equal nine!
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multiply by something

to use the arithmetic process of multiplication to expand numerically a certain number of times. To get the amount of your taxes, multiply by .025. Can you multiply by sixteens?
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multiply something by something

to use the arithmetic process of multiplication to expand numerically a particular number a certain number of times. Multiply the number of dependents you are claiming by one thousand dollars. Multiply 12 by 16 and tell me what you get.
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The two alleged conmen said the 'Jin' would come to the house the same day to multiply the cash, and that the victim should stay the night in the garden of the house, Lt-Col.
But unlike embryonic stem cells, "adult stem cells have limited potential to multiply and grow into other types of tissues," says researcher Laura Grabel at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn.
Now the living skin cells in the graft can multiply and adhere to the undamaged tissue around the wound.
In mouse experiments, such altered tumor cells continued to multiply after reinjection, then died off as the mouse's immune system attacked them, Rosenberg says.
Investigators can now use the resulting interference effects to obtain valuable information about any medium in which waves are multiply scattered.
Multiply each participant's PV factor by the allocation factor.
At the recent American Heart Association Science Writers Forum in Monterey, Calif., Russell Ross of the University of Washington in Seattle detailed how cells of the vessel wall enlarge and multiply, and how recent discoveries have complicated the picture, while A.
For those considering the adoption of LIFO, multiply these indexes by the beginning inventory for the last several years to estimate the potential yearly income deferral.
Today, if you want to multiply two numbers, with more than one digit, you probably reach for a calculator.
Traditional hormonal drugs, such as tamoxifen, work by attaching to a molecule called the oestrogen receptor in cancer cells, preventing oestrogen from binding to the receptor, a necessary step for cancer cells to multiply.
Warner, M.D., from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and colleagues conducted neuropsychological testing in 997 children and adolescents who were previously unexposed (411 subjects), singly exposed (380 subjects), or multiply exposed (206 subjects) to anesthesia.
They are: make money, manage money, multiply money.
M2 PHARMA-June 13, 2017-Seres Therapeutics Begins Phase 3 Study of SER-109 for Treatment of Multiply Recurrent C.
If you think ten tracks is a marvel, multiply that with ten speakers per track, and that's packing in at least 100 speakers spanning the 3-day event.