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intervene between (multiple people)

To intercede between multiple people. Luckily, the teacher intervened between Mark and Mike before a fight broke out.
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rub (multiple things) together

To exert pressure on two or more things while moving them in continuous contact with one another to create friction. Starting a fire isn't just as easy as rubbing two sticks together. She put soap in her hands and rubbed them together to form a lather.
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"We seek to transform the treatment of patients with multiple myeloma by integrating our extensive clinical expertise and research contributions with ongoing basic and translational research,'' Siegel said in a statement.View the full article from NJBIZ at
The Irish Multiple Births Association, which is run on a voluntary basis by the parents, provide practical support and advice to families with multiples in Ireland.
The global multiple reaction monitoring assay market has been classified on the basis of assay type, usage, end user and geography.
In about half of the 13 countries for which relevant data were available, wealth was related to having had multiple partners.
This depends on why physicians transfer multiple embryos.
About Multiple Sclerosis Multiple sclerosis (MS) is thought to affect as many as 2.5 million people worldwide, including approximately 75,000 in Canada, 400,000 in the United States and over 450,000 in Western Europe.
How all the players are grouped together via a color pattern--Black, Blue, Green, White, Orange, Red, Gray, plus two offenses: Coming from Behind and the I Formation in the Multiple Offense.
It is also emphasized that adding the extra dimension to deal with the diffracted multiples does not resolve by itself the usual problem that non-flat primaries may map to the multiple region, and primary preservation is trade-off for multiple attenuation.
At Yale University, for example, records are sent out to AlumniFinder, which puts together address and other contact information from multiple sources.
The only real way of knowing what the market will pay is to secure multiple bids and play them against each other.
However, in recent tests of semiconductor bits only a few nanometers in diameter--entities known as nanoerystals or quantum dots--researchers have been surprised to find that photons at solar energies commonly unleash multiple electrons.
A new Rotational Degater that allows cutting of multiple gates on different surfaces is new from SAS Automation, Xenia, Ohio.
Specifically, shared services--which span multiple operating units--often have to consolidate data across disconnected financial systems, which leads to decreased efficiency and lower-quality transactions.
They compared risk of death and severe intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) among 475 infants from multiple gestations and 1,304 singletons.
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