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poke mullock at (someone or something)

old-fashioned To taunt or mock someone or something; to make fun of someone or something. Primarily heard in Australia. The humorist has long been poking mullock at figures high in the social and political spheres, drawing the ire from many of them.
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poke mullock at

ridicule someone. Australian & New Zealand informal
In Middle English, mullock meant ‘refuse or rubbish’, a sense which only survives in dialect use. In Australian English it came to be used of rock that either did not contain gold or from which the gold had been extracted, and it then developed the extended sense of ‘worthless information or nonsense’. This phrase dates from the early 20th century; compare with poke borak at (at borak).
See also: mullock, poke
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Against this backdrop, John Thomas Mullock began collecting the books that would become one of the first publicly accessible libraries in the colony.
Mullock, of Pentwyn Avenue, Mountain Ash, was arrested after police saw a photograph taken of him at the scene and, although he said he was trying to break in, said that it was not with a view to burgle the property.
Moments later Ryan Fraughan let fly with a rocket from over 20 yards and Mullock performed marvels to palm the ball on to the post.
Things got worse 60 seconds later when Mullock could only parry a Fraughan shot to Darlington and the midfielder slotted home from a narrow angle to double the advantage.
Auctioneer John Mullock said: 'We are pleased to be involved -many of us have sons who play rugby and this is something that every parent, wife, girlfriend dreads.
Auctioneer John Mullock said: ``Football memorabilia has hit new records since that time, with the Geoff Hurst shirt hitting the pounds 90,000 barrier and Pele's 1970 shirt escalating to pounds 140,000.
And Mullock was present as part of the Sporting Champions scheme, run by Sport England, which aims to use top sportsmen to inspire youngsters.
EXCLUSIVE BY SIMON MULLOCK JOSE MOURINHO has blocked any move away from Old Trafford on loan in the new year for Manchester United youngster Scott McTominay.
They were in front moments later as Taylor launched a strong run before feeding Jones, whose shot was saved by keeper Chris Mullock, but Taylor followed up to put away the rebound.
1) It was established by John Thomas Mullock (1807-69), Roman Catholic bishop of Newfoundland and later of St.
Kelvin Mullock Even a minor alteration to a contract can alter where the VAT becomes due and whether the buyer or seller is liable.
TNS rallied and a goal looked certain when Craig Jones met a Fraughan cross on the volley full-force, but Mullock somehow kept the ball out with his head.
Aber broke the deadlock in the 25th minute when Geoff Kellaway beat 'keeper Chris Mullock with a venomous drive.
Richard Westwood-Brookes, an historical document expert with Shropshire-based auctioneer Mullock Madeley, said the buyer had read a news item about the sale on Teletext minutes before bidding began.
Auctioneers Mullock Madeley of Church Stretton, Shropshire, expect it to raise up to pounds 750 during a two-day sporting sale on June 20 and 21.