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mulct (one) out of (something)

To get something from one through deceptive, fraudulent, or underhanded means; to cheat one out of something. It came to light that he had been trying to mulct his sister out of her inheritance. The company mulcted its clients out of millions of dollars in fraudulently invested funds.
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mulct something out of someone

to cheat something away from someone. Are you trying to mulct my inheritance out of me? Max tried to mulct every last cent out of his victim.
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They were due to heartless traders mulcting hapless consumers.
The group was composed of lawless elements mulcting on farmers and civilians in Palimbang," he said.
Without any loosening of the economy, all a new constitution would signal to business is that, aside from the extortions of the national government and mulcting by the local government, a third level-the regions or federal states-would now enter the picture, eager to milk the already sore udders of businessmen large or small.
Later, he was appointed as director of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) wherein his baptism by fire was when his son was victimized by mulcting policemen of the Quezon City Police District.
'The actions of the Chinese coast guard are more like the mulcting practices of rogue law enforcers victimizing helpless people,' he said in statement.
In 2011, then Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte lambasted some councilors in his TV program for allegedly mulcting money from developers.
This also prevents the drivers of said vehicles from carrying too much cash that would make them prey to mulcting enforcers of thieves.
Ramirez said that they have been constantly receiving reports of "mulcting and efforts to force our members seafarers to come across in exchange for documents issued by Marina."
As CCTV cameras have recorded repeatedly, some MMDA enforcers abet such thinking, mulcting motorists and pedestrians alike and largely getting away with it, what with victims loath to engage the labyrinthine bureaucracy in reporting abuses.
Peralta said the suspects belonged to the NPA's Front 72 which has been mulcting the banana trader from Magsaysay.
Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar gave this reminder, on Sunday, to mulcting policemen who might use President Duterte's crackdown on illegal gambling to extort money from gaming operators.
The senator said fixed checkpoints had also become a milking cow of sorts for abusive and mulcting policemen preying on innocent motorists and traders.
All I see them do besides mulcting motorists is blow their whistles and wave cars through-including those who create an improper counterflow lane(!)-as if waving their hands would magically make traffic flow more smoothly.
It is a poignant 'commentary on the Filipino-Chinese relationship and the cultural divide.' The tong of the title does not refer to a mulcting policeman but to a 'debt that must be paid, the life that must be warped because it had to be lived.' The author's style, then and now, is accessible, straightforward, clear and unpretentious.