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mulct (one) out of (something)

To get something from one through deceptive, fraudulent, or underhanded means; to cheat one out of something. It came to light that he had been trying to mulct his sister out of her inheritance. The company mulcted its clients out of millions of dollars in fraudulently invested funds.
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mulct something out of someone

to cheat something away from someone. Are you trying to mulct my inheritance out of me? Max tried to mulct every last cent out of his victim.
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The agricultural labourer was then further mulcted by enclosure, and the extinction of those immemorial rights of pasture and fuel which he had so long enjoyed.
In 1896 Hearst sent Bierce to Washington to head the lobby opposing passage of a funding bill that would have mulcted taxpayers of millions of dollars for the benefit of the Central and Southern Pacific railroads.
When those who had been swindled demanded retribution, they were finally convinced that they had been mulcted as a result of their own selfishness and greed.
On top of the R500 grease money at the LTO emission testing centers, Maranan said that their members are continuously being mulcted another R200 each as by some Local Government Units (LGUs) Anti- Smoke Belching Units (ASBU) and LTO-deputized ASBUs to escape apprehension.
If Team GB wins as many medals as it did in 2008, which I doubt, it will be because the taxpayer has been mulcted for the past four years, chiefly for elitist sports that cost the most to compete in - like messing about in boats and hurtling round monstrously expensive velodromes.
But this only applies to innocent people (e.g., libertarians) seizing, or directing, state funds improperly mulcted from the long suffering taxpayer, toward the promotion of liberty and freedom.
Yes, one justification for using roads, a regulated bank, the post office, a public library or park, is that the money to build and administer these amenities was mulcted from the taxpayers, and therefore in utilizing them one is "only getting one's money back." We can go further, however.
With strict liability, clinics would be tempted to focus on these questions because they would be automatically mulcted in court fees whenever a couple separates and goes to court to resolve the issue of preembryo disposition.