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muddle along

to progress in confusion; to continue awkwardly. I will just have to muddle along as best I can until things get straightened out. The project muddled along until the new manager got hold of it.
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muddle around

to work inefficiently. I can't get anything done today. I'm just muddling around. Jed is not doing his job well. He is muddling around and getting nothing done.
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muddle something up

to mix something up; to make something confusing. You really muddled the language of this contract up. Who muddled up the wording?
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muddle through (something)

to manage to get through something awkwardly. We hadn't practiced the song enough, so we just muddled through it. We didn't know what we were meant to do, so we muddled through.
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muddled (up)

intoxicated. I've had a little too much muddler, I think. Anyway, I'm muddled. Larry is too muddled up to drive.
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muddle through

Blunder through something, manage but awkwardly, as in The choir never knows how to line up, but we muddle through somehow. [Early 1900s]
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muddle through

To do some task poorly or without strong motivation: I forgot the cookbook, so we just muddled through the recipe without it.
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muddled (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. I’ve had a little too much muddler, I think. Anyway, I’m muddled.
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I sometimes picture the difference in the standard and the muddling approach approaches to theory and policy in reference to the building of medieval cathedrals.
Muddling through policy follows that same approach.
A second reason that I believe the economics profession is ripe to accept a muddling through approach to policy is the technological change that has occurred in the analytic and computing methods available to economists.
Thus, the strongest reason for my belief that the future will involve muddling through is that advances in computing power involve a fundamental change in technology that is reducing the value of deductive theory.
In the muddling through approach that I advocate, one begins with a problem to be solved, not a theory.
Initially, the changes in policy analysis associated with muddling through will come slowly and will be appended to existing thinking.
21) Policy analysis will require muddling through as best one can using the technical tools available.
Parts of this paper come from early drafts of a book I am currently working on with William Brock entitled The Economics of Muddling Through (Colander and Brock, forthcoming).
Economists in actual line positions in government, business, and policy institutes generally recognize that policy involves muddling through.
21) In the muddling through approach that I have been advocating (Brock and Colander (2000)), we argue that an important limitation on policy is policy makers' ability to understand the effects of any policy in a complex system.
Complexity, Pedagogy, and the Economics of Muddling Through" in Salizar (ed) The Economics of Complexity.