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muddle along

to progress in confusion; to continue awkwardly. I will just have to muddle along as best I can until things get straightened out. The project muddled along until the new manager got hold of it.
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muddle around

to work inefficiently. I can't get anything done today. I'm just muddling around. Jed is not doing his job well. He is muddling around and getting nothing done.
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muddle something up

to mix something up; to make something confusing. You really muddled the language of this contract up. Who muddled up the wording?
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muddle through (something)

to manage to get through something awkwardly. We hadn't practiced the song enough, so we just muddled through it. We didn't know what we were meant to do, so we muddled through.
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muddled (up)

intoxicated. I've had a little too much muddler, I think. Anyway, I'm muddled. Larry is too muddled up to drive.
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muddle through

Blunder through something, manage but awkwardly, as in The choir never knows how to line up, but we muddle through somehow. [Early 1900s]
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muddle through

To do some task poorly or without strong motivation: I forgot the cookbook, so we just muddled through the recipe without it.
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muddled (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. I’ve had a little too much muddler, I think. Anyway, I’m muddled.
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See also: muddle
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D: But you said that if we always talked logically and did not get into muddles we could never say anything new.
You mean that I get us into these muddles because I cheat against rules which we don't have.
Except that the whole point of the game is that we do get into muddles, and do come out on the other side, and if there were no muddles our "game" would be like Canasta or Chess-and that is not how we want it to be.
Role muddles occur when we are forced either into social roles that are incompatible (because they exact conflicting expectations upon us), or when we are forced into roles where the relevant expectations are ambiguous.
Other feminist role muddles arise explicitly out of a tension within feminism between the call for unity among feminists and forces that oppose unity.
It is important to emphasize (more than Overall herself does) that role muddles often occur only in certain contexts or only within certain relationships.
Muddle sends off all the wrong vibes - confusion, cluelessness and a lot of running round in circles.
On a dank Monday at Wolverhampton, Muddle stands me a coffee in the racecourse Holiday Inn with its wonderful view of the floodlights.
I tell Muddle I'd canvassed a few people before coming to meet him.
The only way of clarifying this apparent muddle, this contradiction between disbelief and belief, is to consider carefully both the subject and the predicate in the assertion "God exists.
The problem is that most believers, I think, accept a composite God who is a preposterous muddle of contradictions, a God infected with the gravest moral evil.
Noddy And The Farmyard Muddle by Sophie Smallwood, pounds 7.
Anna Flowers, who plays Snow White, Paul Hartley, who plays the Royal Tax Collector, and Pee Wee Price, who plays Muddles, were all in full costume to bring some festive cheer to the children who are all due to spend Christmas in hospital.
Richard Muddle, Wolverhampton's managing director, said yesterday: "We are planning a six-month trial, which we hope to start early in February.
Muddle continued: "We hope it will raise the profile of all-weather racing.