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drug slang
1. Tablets of secobarbital (often known by the brand name Seconal), a barbiturate-derived sedative with hypnotic qualities. Likened to M&M's candies. We used to score prescriptions for M&M's back in college by pretending we had insomnia to the campus doctors.
2. Tablets of methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), also known as ecstasy, E, or molly, which elicits an intense sensation of heightened energy, pleasure, and empathy. Once someone started passing around M&Ms, the party really got pretty crazy. I took some M&M's during dinner so that I'd be at the peak of my high right when the concert started.

Miss Right

The perfect or most suitable woman to be in a relationship with or to marry. If you're waiting for Miss Right to just appear in your life, you're never going to find someone you'll be happy with. You have to get out there and give people a chance! After my last relationship ended, I decided to stop looking for Ms. Right and focus on other priorities in my life.
See also: miss, right

Miss Right Now

A woman who is acceptable for a temporary romantic relationship but who is not an ideal long-term partner. Puns on, and typically contrasts with, the term "Miss Right." You're never gonna get over Jenn if you don't start dating again. Stop looking for Miss Right and have some fun with Miss Right Now! I really hope his new girlfriend is only Miss Right Now because she's pretty annoying.
See also: miss, now, right

Miss/Mrs. Van Neck

dated A nickname for a woman with large breasts. Of course Jack's dating yet another Miss Van Neck—you know he can't resist ladies with certain, ah, assets. You need to do something about your décolletage so as to not look like Mrs. Van Neck tonight.
See also: miss, neck, van

Mr./Ms./Mrs. Moneybags

A humorous nickname for someone who is excessively or extravagantly wealthy (or else who spends money as if they were). Look at Mr. Moneybags over here, booking a first-class plane ticket. Can't fly coach like the rest of us bums, eh Jerry? Hey, Ms. Moneybags—not all of us can afford to eat at such an expensive restaurant!
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