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Bravery, determination, energy, or resolve. You've got a lot of moxie—I would never be able to skydive with my fear of heights! You need a spokesperson with a lot of moxie if you want your product to make a splash on the market.

feeling (one's) moxie

Full of a feeling of energy, bravery, determination, or resolve. "Moxie" comes from the name of a soft drink that was popular in the US in the early 20th century and was thought to energize those who drank it. Look at the way John's strutting down the street—you can tell he's feeling his moxie again. I just haven't been feeling my moxie since the divorce. A: "OK, schedule Tuesday's meeting, get John on the phone, and then come in my office so we can all discuss that big project." B: "Wow, you're really feeling your moxie today, aren't you?"
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n. energy; spunk; spirit. Now here’s a gal with real moxie.

feeling one's Moxie

Boundlessly energetic. Moxie was a carbonated soft drink that began life at the end of the 19th century as a medicinal tonic (its inventor named it after a friend who supposedly discovered its key but unspecified ingredient). Thanks to an aggressive advertising campaign and key endorsements, Moxie became a nationwide success until World War II. It's now popular primarily in the New England area and Pennsylvania. Gentian root gave Moxie its distinctive sharp flavor, which led to claims that it had energizing qualities. Hence the notion that someone who was feeling full of life was “feeling his Moxie.” Another peppy phrase comes from a breakfast cereal: “feeling your Wheaties.”
See also: feeling, moxie
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As a franchise distributor of MoxiE Inductor Corporation, New Yorker Electronics now supplies its full line of Chip Inductors, RJ45 Connectors, Power Inductors, LAN Transformers, Power Transformers, EMI/RFI Products, Inverter Transformers, Chokes, Current Sensors, Air Coils, plus audio magnetic products and audio transformers, and more.
DAVID: Sal and Moxie, you've played with men's teams.
00, the Moxie lets you save water without sacrificing performance.
The puppies were born on April 10, just 20 days after Moxie came to the shelter.
All of these companies are located in different states across the map, but Moxie treats them all like they live in Denver.
In addition to multiple channels, MOXIE relies on high-bandwidth eight-channel analog-to-digital converters, large, inline photodiode-pixels, and high-bandwidth, low-noise transimpedance amplifiers.
MGA Entertainment launched Moxie Girlz as a counter to the legal wrangle that Bratz found itself in.
The Moxie collection is packaged in 100% recyclable and reusable tins and candy-striped "boudoir boxes" that a spokeswoman explains are color-coded by absorption.
When Moxie rents a space, she notes, economics usually demand short runs and scant previews, leading to a time crunch: "By the time we're building word of mouth for a show, we're closing it.
Louise Hulse, of Moxie Communications, said: "With many city centre restaurants facing a downturn in lunchtime trade, companies are having to think of new and innovative ways to keep driving their business forward.
With the help of the investment, Moxie Makers will also be able to start filming Who Killed Nancy, a documentary which explores the events that led to the death of Nancy Spungen, girlfriend of the notorious Sex Pistols' bassist, Sid Vicious.
Set up by Newcastle-based Ipso Facto Films, which has produced 11 features and more than 50 shorts and documentaries over the past 14 years, Moxie Makers will finance, produce and distribute four micro-budget features annually.
Film producer Ipso Facto Films is launching Moxie Makers, based in Pink Lane in Newcastle at the Northern Lights Film Festival which begins on Friday at the Tyneside Cinema.
Of course, I have a policy that you can't get your hair cut after you've been drinking," says Kristy Andreason, owner of The Moxie salon and lounge in downtown Eugene.
To launch the service, the 12-store Supervalu subsidiary is working with Moxie Curve Parking, a local parking management company that offers services such as valet parking, garage and parking lot management, shuttle service, bell staff, and concierge.