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mow someone or something down

to cut, knock, or shoot someone or something down. The speeding car almost mowed us down. The car mowed down the pedestrian.
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mow down

1. Destroy in great numbers, especially in battle, as in The machine gun mowed them down as they advanced. [Late 1500s]
2. Overwhelm, as in He mowed down the opposition with his arguments. This usage, like the first, alludes to mowing, the cutting of grass with a scythe or other implement.
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mow down

1. To trim back or cut down something that grows from the ground: Unfortunately, you didn't just cut the grass—you mowed down all the potato plants. We mowed the brush down with scythes.
2. To destroy or incapacitate someone or something as if by cutting or driving into the ground: The machine gunners mowed down hundreds of enemy troops within the first ten minutes of fighting. I tried to tackle the runner, but he just mowed me down. The gang drove by with machine guns and mowed the informant down in front of his house.
3. To overwhelm someone or something: The experienced debater mowed down the opposition with persuasive arguments.
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mow, blow, and go

n. the lawn service that quickly mows the grass, blows the pavements clean, and leaves. Now you see them and now you don’t. It’s mow, blow, and go time.
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mow the lawn

and mow one’s lawn
tv. to comb one’s hair. I’ll be with you as soon as I mow the lawn. Don’t you think you better mow your lawn?
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mow one’s lawn

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But we realize there are also customers with tamer land, or land they've already cleared and just want to keep mown, and since our brush mowers are overbuilt for lawns or regularly mown fields, we designed a lighter mower for "finish mowing" at a very reasonable cost.
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More lawn mower maintenance tips are available at www.
The mower will be used with the county's 2008 John Deer 544J tractor which has a quick attach mount for the mower.
Mean Mower was designed and built in the UK by Honda's British Touring Car Championship partner Team Dynamics who re-engineered an HF2620 Lawn Tractor from the ground-up, adding a fabricated chassis, a 1,000cc engine from a Honda VTR Firestorm and bespoke suspension.
Testers rated each mower on its ability to cope with different types of grass, how it managed lawn edges up to a soil border and the capacity of the grass box.
Thieves cut through a padlock on the gate at the front of Avoncroft Cricket Club in Hanbury Road, Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove, and stole the mowers that had been left in an equipment storeroom.
Slope mowing capabilities up to 50 degrees is where the Summit Lawn Mower Company line of remote control lawn mowers really become practical, and not just fun.
The Gardena Powermax 32E (pounds 90), a wheeled rotary mower, was also among the best buys and did well in all the tests, cutting right up to lawn edges, and comes with a well-balanced carry handle, a single lever to adjust the cutting height and adjustable handle height.
Consider whether you are going to be able to get a mower to all the edges and try to incorporate curves so you can run the mower around the edges easily.
The average electric mower uses the same electricity as an ordinary toaster, costing just $5 per year.
Musgrave was discussing her amendment, she noted that lawn mowers can also be dangerous, and asked rhetorically whether that meant that the Congress should mandate that all lawn mowers be sold with a blade lock.
The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, alleges that the nearly 12,000-acre Crown Fire was caused by a lawn mower operated by a caretaker on Alex Klaus' property on Arrastre Canyon Road.
YOU'VE spent hours pushing your mower all summer, but did you know:
Not all lawn mowers are created equal, nor is all lawn mower pollution.