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mow down

1. To trim something, usually grass or other such growth. A noun or pronoun can be used between "mow" and "down." Our yard is looking so unkempt because I haven't had time to mow down the grass in weeks. You need to mow down those sideburns, bud!
2. To knock someone or something down with great force. A noun or pronoun can be used between "mow" and "down." Their biggest defenseman mowed down our star center. The neighbor kid drives so fast down the street that I'm worried he's going to mow the kids down.
3. To harm or incapacitate a large group. A noun or pronoun can be used between "mow" and "down." A weapon like that could mow down thousands of enemy soldiers.
4. To overpower someone or something or render them ineffective. A noun or pronoun can be used between "mow" and "down." Their potent offense totally mowed down our defense.
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mow the/(one's) lawn

1. Literally, to cut the grass in one's lawn or yard using a mower. I need to go mow the lawn before it starts to rain.
2. slang To comb one's hair. Go mow your lawn before church.
3. slang To smoke cannabis. Just tell your parents you're going to mow the lawn with us—they won't know what you mean.
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mow someone or something down

to cut, knock, or shoot someone or something down. The speeding car almost mowed us down. The car mowed down the pedestrian.
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mow down

1. Destroy in great numbers, especially in battle, as in The machine gun mowed them down as they advanced. [Late 1500s]
2. Overwhelm, as in He mowed down the opposition with his arguments. This usage, like the first, alludes to mowing, the cutting of grass with a scythe or other implement.
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mow down

1. To trim back or cut down something that grows from the ground: Unfortunately, you didn't just cut the grass—you mowed down all the potato plants. We mowed the brush down with scythes.
2. To destroy or incapacitate someone or something as if by cutting or driving into the ground: The machine gunners mowed down hundreds of enemy troops within the first ten minutes of fighting. I tried to tackle the runner, but he just mowed me down. The gang drove by with machine guns and mowed the informant down in front of his house.
3. To overwhelm someone or something: The experienced debater mowed down the opposition with persuasive arguments.
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mow, blow, and go

n. the lawn service that quickly mows the grass, blows the pavements clean, and leaves. Now you see them and now you don’t. It’s mow, blow, and go time.
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mow the lawn

and mow one’s lawn
tv. to comb one’s hair. I’ll be with you as soon as I mow the lawn. Don’t you think you better mow your lawn?
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mow one’s lawn

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For example, because shorter grass has a less extensive root system than grass that is mowed to a taller height, it requires more frequent fertilization and irrigation (Figure 11-5).
There have been springs when I have been so busy that I didn't get the grass mowed when I should have, and I had to raise the mower deck as high as it would go, then mow the grass again a couple days later so I did not break the one-third rule.
Total root length of both cultivars mowed at 3 mm or 4 mm increased in spring and reached the maximum level during the summer months in both 1997 and 1998.
Drivers watch the pattern of a mowed area to help understand the safety of an area.
Although turf maintained at all three mowing heights had low RB in September, RB from September to October increased 70% in turf mowed to a height of 4.
For example, a transition would required between: 1) the designated strip mowing width and the greater width required around a sign; 2) an area that is mowed full width and non-mow area; 3) the designated strip mowing width and the extra width required to maintain sight distances at a curve, driveway, or intersection.
The mowing height response reported by Vaiciunas and Clarke (2000) was in perennial ryegrass mowed higher (8.
When used to protect slopes, legumes such as crown vetch usually should not be mowed more than two times during the establishment period and then should be cut high to control undesirable species.
These areas are mowed a number of times, by the end of the mowing program we expect to have covered about 36,000 hectares.
plots that were mowed most recently almost always had fewer seedheads, lower seedhead heights, and vegetative canopy heights.
A man who had a running feud with his neighbors over yardwork put down his Bible and picked up his gun, fatally shooting a woman as she swept her sidewalk and injuring her husband as he mowed, police said.
Seventy-five percent of the 1100 acres within the airport perimeter is mowed.
The Indego 400 and Indego 400 Connect calculate the size of the area to be mowed by traveling along the entire length of this boundary wire once, using sensors and a software to measure the garden.
A janitor at Arcade Baptist Church, Temple mowed lawns on the side.
Tenders are invited for Clean-up/mowing services for Town Cemeteries, bids should include Spring and Fall Clean-up and the following mowing schedule: Rawsonville Cemetery: mowed 6 times May to Oct East Jamaica Cemetery: mowed 6 times May to Oct.