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Poignant words which movingly illustrate the painful heartache of losing someone so dear.
His love of books and the tree with the cockatoos is movingly shown and the ultimate end to the story is inevitable.
Joan Davis, 61, deli manager, Lobley Hill: He will be remembered for movingly attending his charity football match despite being so weak.
Their singing was met with good humour and crowd participation, but Pete Price received a tremendous round of applause when he movingly spoke about the fact that Claire House receives no help whatsoever from the Gover nment, and is dependent entirely on public generosity.
Sir Michael Parkinson spoke movingly but also with humour about caring for his mum in her final years and Rodney Bickerstaffe, also spoke about the life and death of the 'incorruptible Jack Jones' who founded the Pensioners Movement when he retired in 1978.
The poem - "Can You Look Me in the Eyes" - sums up a lot of Teitel's strongest themes: his relationship with his mother, which he writes movingly about, and his relationship with punk rock, which he tackles with enthusiasm, especially in his poem for deceased Germs frontman Darby Crash.
Among the soloists, counter-tenor Christopher Ainslie was movingly eloquent.
My only ambition is to be able one day to paint Christ so movingly that those who see him will be converted.
Rarely has such a reciprocity with place, nature and the divine been so movingly articulated.
It's probably hokey on a number of levels, but the grudging respect between rival gang members Willie Weathers (Jade Yorker) and Calvin Owens (David Thomas) is movingly developed.
The poem "daddy's song" movingly features conversation with Hammad's working-class immigrant father.
And then the years started flying by and we discovered ourself reading books by people with names like Hemingway, Verne, Steinbeck, Wells, Maugham, and others who could write so eloquently and movingly.
Lawrence, the author of The Wreckers, Lord of the Nutcracker Men, and other novels for YAs, writes evocatively and movingly about Kak's experiences.
Much of the evidence for Long's arguments come from legal cases, in which citizens grappling with issues of gender, respectability, race and commercial sexuality openly expressed their views, and, in some cases, movingly recounted their experiences and relationships.