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move to

1. To relocate to some different position, area, location, etc. We moved to the back of the room while the teacher performed the demonstration. The passengers moved to the railings on the deck as the boat pulled out from the pier.
2. To cause or compel someone or something to relocate to some different position, area, location, etc. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "move" and "to." Move these boxes to the loading dock so our delivery man knows to pick them up later. The guards moved the prisoners to the yard outside.
3. To take up residence in some different area, town, city, state, country, etc. I'm moving to Seattle next month to start my master's degree. Sarah doesn't work here anymore—she moved to Japan a few months ago.
4. To cause or compel someone or something to take up residence in some different area, town, city, state, country, etc. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "move" and "to." His bosses want to move him to New York so that he's closer to company headquarters. We're moving the business to a bigger office across town.
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move someone or something to something

to make someone or something shift toward something. Can you move your foot to the right a little? Would you move yourself to the right?
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move to some place

to move one's household to some place, perhaps permanently. When we retired, we moved to Arizona. I hope we can move to a larger house.
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Tampa, FL - Moving to a new home or a new office can be overwhelming and quite a strenuous task to accomplish, especially if it is a long-distance move.
How can Black stop the White pawn from moving to d8 and becoming a Queen?
At first opportunity you're disengaging and moving to escape.
for moving to your new home have been adequately met - all this and more can be taken care of by a professional packing and moving company, making the experience seamless and stress free.
Talk to your building management as soon as you know you are moving to find out what is required to obtain this NoC.
Recent Welsh commercial clients include Caerphilly County Council's move of 650 staff to Tredomen Business Park; Ceredigion County Council and the Welsh Assembly Government moving to adjacent premises in Aberystwyth; Gwent Police and South Wales NHS Ambulance Trust.
Former United States Commerce Secretary Paul O'Neill, when he was CEO of Alcoa, insisted that the company experiment with a prototype workspace before moving to an open-plan environment, he volunteered to use it and regularly updated employees on his experience.
DOD has been gradually moving to 100 percent containerization of munitions since the early 1970s.
Moving to a new environment presents a number of challenges: How will your children adjust to the school system?
They make room for one another by moving to the side, much like one train waiting for another to pass before proceeding through a tunnel.
With many businesses relocating or expanding their operations, companies need to review and evaluate the costs associated with these efforts; just as the costs of searching for (and ultimately moving to) a new location can be substantial, the tax benefits from such a review also can prove to be considerable.
The costs involved in searching for and ultimately moving to a new business location are often substantial.
Upon alert to deploy to Saudi Arabia, the hospital had no time to inventory and requisition supplies and equipment before loading up and moving to port and onto ships for the voyage to Saudi Arabia.
So firstly, where are people moving to? More than half surveyed had moved to another city in the same country, while 20 per cent moved overseas.
"By moving to the Van Ghentkazerne we are able to combine security efforts, we keep the host nation workforce and we don't have to move our family members to a different location in a different country," said Stanley.