move around

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move around

1. To move in a continuous, aimless manner. I know you're still feeling woozy, but try moving around a little bit. Would you quit moving around in bed like that? I'm trying to sleep!
2. To cause or compel someone or something to move from one place or point to another. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "move" and "around." I rolled my ankle funny, Doc, and now it hurts to move it around. I wish you wouldn't move around the furniture like that—I have it decorated in a particular way! The teacher moves us around each month so that we sit next to different students throughout the year.
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move someone or something around

to move someone or something from place to place. I wish that the army would stop moving me around. I have moved ten times in eight years. Let's move the furniture around and see how this room looks.
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move around and move about

to move here and there a bit; to stir; to walk around a bit. Stay where you are. Don't move around at all! I wish you would stop moving about.
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"I KNOW you should avoid growing veg in the same spot year in year out, but how do I go about moving them around?" asks Christine Jolyon, of Colchester, Essex.
During their September meeting in New Orleans, commissioners also talked about holding these gatherings in one location instead of moving them around the United States as they have been doing.
After observing the spiders' natural behavior and moving them around in experiments, Tso and Severinghaus concluded that the thieves reduced their hosts' webs by 21 percent on average.
Caley also romped through the season's most buoyant solo, some twenty-five minutes into the spacious and felicitous work called--after both the computer operating system and the actual things themselves--Windows (1995) Here you can feel the choreographer clicking and dragging his mouse as he sizes the dancers and their space, moving them around, making them crouch to fit a new window, and splitting the stage as he might a computer screen.