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a/one false move

An action that threatens to worsen an already precarious situation. We didn't call the police because the robber said he'd hurt anyone who made a false move. If we make one false move now, we're liable to lose the house we're bidding on.
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move (from some place) (to some place)

to travel from one place to another. The whole family moved from Denver to Chicago. We moved to the country.
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Three squares is a Chief's move--three squares in any direction or combination of directions, only provided that he does not cross the same square twice in a given move. The people saw and guessed Gahan's intention.
Professionally managed moving services handle many types of moves routinely and hence have the experience to oversee the intricate elements of the operations.
M.K Movers is launching their long-distance moving platform which is geared towards taking the stress out of moving by personalizing the move to meet the client's expectations and timeline.
Tagged on to this, almost universally, was a request to explain the moves of the knight....
April's sting operation involved investigators from the Office of Consumer Protection posing as customers looking to move luxury items out of a Montville home.
Pawn--moves forward one space at a time; its first move can be two spaces, but no others; takes pieces diagonally
When a family moves, people usually do not consider someone being injured, or a rented car being damaged.
For all verticals combined, we can see purchases start to ramp up from about 60 days before people move. The peak day for purchasing happens one week before a person moves and continues for about four days afterwards.
We strive to make sure our clients' moves are as stress-free and efficient as possible.
Further trials show that the first of these leads to further moves that eventually require a frog to move in the wrong direction, which cannot be associated with a minimum number of moves.
In-year moves are more likely to be clustered in lower attaining schools and in more disadvantaged localities, the report found.
The next step is to pick the move method; some of the possibilities that are discussed include human chains (for small moves), boxes, book carts, and move carts.
<strong>Bullish Moving Average Crossover</strong><br> A Bullish Moving Average Crossover occurs when MACD moves above its 9-day EMA, or trigger line.
2 DRAW: When the pool stick hits the bottom of the cue ball, the ball moves forward and gains backspin.