move (one) to tears

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move (one) to tears

To elicit such a strong or overwhelming emotional reaction in one that it causes one to cry. Often used in passive constructions. The lovely cards from my students on my last day of teaching moved me to tears. The song was so beautiful that it moved the entire audience to tears. I was moved to tears by the tributes to my late father.
See also: move, tear

moved to tears

Made to cry due to something that elicited overwhelming emotions. I was moved to tears by the tributes to my late father. The lovely cards from my students had me moved to tears.
See also: move, tear

move someone to tears

to bring someone to the point of crying. The story moved me to tears. As she recounted the accident, she moved herself to tears.
See also: move, tear
References in periodicals archive ?
Lawler and Levine's exhibition invitation took the form of a card with that eponymous text plus the statement his gesture moved us to tears collaged onto it.
"The strife of fighting that has spread among the ranks of mujahedeen has moved us to tears, and has moved the [Islamic] nation to tears, after it became attached to you," he said.
"It moved us to tears during shows - these fantastic women all there because, as well as enjoying our music and wanting a party, they identify with us too - as survivors.
"Over the past few days, we have received many cards and letters of condolence which moved us to tears, mostly from people who have never met us or Jo.
It moved us to tears and it is a Christmas gift I will always treasure.
We've had cards with money in them and some of the things written in them have moved us to tears.
Over the years this award has unearthed fantastic and awe-inspiring stories, moved us to tears and made us smile.
That's Life editor Jo Checkley said, 'Amie's death moved us to tears - it was a deep tragedy and we feel humbled and honoured to award this prize in Amie's memory to her mother Deborah who is caring for Lee.
Heath Ledger He rocked us in A Knight's Tale and moved us to tears in Monster's Ball.
Appropriate pianistic thundering in Schubert's Erlkonig stirred everyone's imagination, and Great War echoes in Butterworth's poignant and nostalgic song cycle A Shropshire Lad moved us to tears.
Writers like Willa Cather and Winston Churchill have moved us to tears and moved us to act.
This was an overwhelming and beautiful sight for us, one that moved us to tears.
We had already seen Pope John Paul II at World Youth Day in Toronto in 2002 and his presence moved us to tears. Here was an 82-year-old man once again defying his ailments and fatigue.
One moment it moved us to tears, the next it bored us to tears.
SNP MSP Aileen added: "The standard of the nominations was incredibly high and some of the stories moved us to tears."