move back

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move back

1. To move backward; to recede or retreat (away from someone or something). We all moved back when we realized the bear was alive. Kids, move back! That snake is dangerous.
2. To cause or compel someone or something to move backward or away from someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "move" and "back." Police officers moved the crowd of people back from the scene of the crime. Would you move the TV back a ways? It's a little too close to the sofa.
3. To return to a previous location or position. I changed seats to be next to my friend during the play, but I moved back when an usher came and scolded me. The lever has a spring inside of it, so it will move back as soon as you let go.
4. To cause or compel someone or something to return to a previous location or position. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "move" and "back." Be sure to move the furniture back after you're done painting the walls. I tried sneaking to a seat in the back of the class so I could my book, but the teacher caught me and moved me back.
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move someone or something back (from someone or something)

to cause someone or something to move back and away from someone or something. Please move your child back from the lawn mower. Move everyone back from the street.
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move back (from someone or something)

to move back and away. (Often a command.) Please move back from the edge. Please move back!
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Finn's pace and bounce troubled Jonathan Trott, but it was the slippery Helm who removed the former England batsman for 18 when he moved one back up the Lord's slope to take the inside edge on its way through to keeper Simpson.
But his drive was beaten when Onions moved one back in, and a good catch diving forward by Thorp at gully left Durham needing just 102.
His wicket came when he moved one back a touch, but should not have been enough to bowl out a Test number three which he did when the home captain aimed an expansive drive and was "gated" for 41.
Welch switched ends and moved one back sharply to bowl Anurag Singh for 14 and leave Notts with some work to do to reach the 251 they needed to avoid the follow-on.
Powell resisted for another 11 overs before Akram moved one back into him, while Troughton turned to square leg a ball that stopped on him and Brown's push at a leg-break took the outside edge.
Welch carved Kirby for six over wide third man and Dumelow played well for the second time in the game until Sidebottom moved one back in to bowl him for 25.
Neil Carter, hurrying the batsmen and finding some swing, took the vital wicket when he moved one back into Michael Bevan, shouldering arms, before Matt Walker prodded one that turned quite sharply to slip.
Kabir moved one back to trap Selwood lbw, Rawait Khan top edged the hook and Hewson was well caught low down at second slip by Graeme Hick as he played away from his body.
Not to be outdone, Carter moved one back into Clarke and when Azhar chipped to point and Ramprakash missed an irresponsible pull to a ball far too full for the shot to leave Surrey 56 for six, the game was all but over.
Upashanta moved one back to Thorpe, who stood his ground in face of a huge appeal for a catch to Kumar Sangakkara.