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Then his stamina broke, and he never moved house again.
The study of 18,000 UK residents has found that people who have just moved house are significantly less likely to travel to work by car, opting for a greener mode of transport instead.
MB Removals & Storage were running late in September as he moved house - leaving him to pay another firm.
It found that those children who had moved house three times or more before the age of five, were far more likely to suffer from a wide range of attention and conduct problems than those who had stayed in the same home, until the age of five, or had moved once or twice.
If you've never moved house, believe me when I say that moving house is worse than turning up to a restaurant to find your blind date is Katie Price.
She went into labour not long after the couple moved house.
When we moved house 15 years ago we left everything to the last minute.
He said that the frequency with which people moved house was broadly similar in both the North and the South.
REGARDING the delivery of black bag packs, recently I moved house to a bungalow which had been empty for six months.
He said he had moved house after "a series of attacks on my home in Stanleytown in the Rhondda".
ONE in five people has moved house because they lived next to a "neighbour from hell", new research reveals.
And 26 per cent of people who moved house during the last year admitted they had failed to contact their financial providers with their new details, up from 17 per cent in 2004 and 14 per cent in 2003, according to National Savings and Investments.
The new service is in response to market research which showed that the majority of ZenADSL customers gave up there accounts because they moved house.
But this method has been criticised by parents because they could have moved house in the last two years.
Overall, it found that around a third of people who had moved house or remortgaged during the past five years had withdrawn some equity.