move back

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move back

1. To move backward; to recede or retreat (away from someone or something). We all moved back when we realized the bear was alive. Kids, move back! That snake is dangerous.
2. To cause or compel someone or something to move backward or away from someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "move" and "back." Police officers moved the crowd of people back from the scene of the crime. Would you move the TV back a ways? It's a little too close to the sofa.
3. To return to a previous location or position. I changed seats to be next to my friend during the play, but I moved back when an usher came and scolded me. The lever has a spring inside of it, so it will move back as soon as you let go.
4. To cause or compel someone or something to return to a previous location or position. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "move" and "back." Be sure to move the furniture back after you're done painting the walls. I tried sneaking to a seat in the back of the class so I could my book, but the teacher caught me and moved me back.
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move someone or something back (from someone or something)

to cause someone or something to move back and away from someone or something. Please move your child back from the lawn mower. Move everyone back from the street.
See also: back, move

move back (from someone or something)

to move back and away. (Often a command.) Please move back from the edge. Please move back!
See also: back, move
References in classic literature ?
Everyone moved back, and the Emperor came smiling out of the drawing room leading his hostess by the hand but not keeping time to the music.
"Now is my time!" I said to myself, as I moved back the hand of the Watch, and saw, almost without surprise this time, all things restored to the places they had occupied at the critical moment when I had first noticed the fallen packing-case.
He moved back to the table from which he had got up to talk to Macalister.
The king could not resist a sudden impulse of fear and disgust: he moved back towards the door, uttering a loud cry; and as if he but needed this cry, which escaped from his breast almost unconsciously, to recognize himself, Louis knew that he was alive and in full possession of his natural senses.
Her eyes moved back and forth between the apes and the edge of the jungle toward which they were gazing until at last she perceived the object of their halt and the thing that they awaited.
Often the nest itself moved back and forth when the wind was strong.
Now Dingaan, deserting the kraal Duguza, moved back to Zululand, and built a great kraal by the Mahlabatine, which he named "Umgugundhlovu" --that is, "the rumbling of the elephant." Also, he caused all the fairest girls in the land to be sought out as his wives, and though many were found yet he craved for more.
Having threaded his needle he deliberately got up from his seat, deliberately moved back his chair, deliberately took off his spectacles, deliberately counted the money, and finally asking me over his shoulder: "Shall I get a whole portion?" deliberately walked out of the room.
Shaking his head deprecatingly, he moved back to the corner, pulled aside something in the wall, disclosed the mouth of a pipe which was a perfect novelty to me, and called down it.
He started and moved back. The door opened gently and slowly, and there suddenly appeared a figure--yesterday's visitor /from underground/.
Once, I felt the fire rather too much; but then I moved back my chair a little, a very little, and it did not disturb me.
The crowd moved back for the passage of the prisoner, and when his tall form was seen descending from the outer door, a rush of the people to the scene of his disgrace followed.
Here is the axe with which I chopped off my finger.' He snatched up the axe and moved back towards the cell.
However, Nawaz Sharif refused to get any further check-ups after three days, and insisted on being moved back to jail.