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move (from some place) (to some place)

to travel from one place to another. The whole family moved from Denver to Chicago. We moved to the country.
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More than half surveyed had moved to another city in the same country, while 20 per cent moved overseas.
Similarly, in the model controlling for the behavior of teenagers' friends, youth who had moved shortly before Wave 1 did not have an elevated likelihood of beginning to have intercourse; sexual initiation was positively associated with peers' delinquency and inversely associated with their grade point average.
(23) Finding an acceptable combination of sociability and quiet required patience and tolerance as families moved in and out.
* If files are moved or storage reconfigured, user access may be interrupted, as their shortcuts and login scripts must be modified to access files in their new location
Big Tree lovers in Oro Valley, Arizona, are carefully monitoring their national co-champion saguaro after the 150-year-old cactus was moved in May to allow for a highway expansion.
As Medina said while we were in Lima, "Faith is a means by which one resigns oneself to the present in order to invest in the abstract promise of the future." The dune moved: This wasn't a literary fiction; it really happened.
Only a handful of companies in North America specialize in this type of work, with most bridge scaffolding projects being very labour intensive with large crews putting up and taking down entire sections as the platform is moved into place, says Watts.
When a young man came to a Renaissance painter in order to learn the craft, he moved in with the master, watching him at close quarters, catching the rhythms of his movements and the overall pattern of his life.
After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University, where he concentrated on dance and theater, he moved to New York in 1989, only to realize that the Graham company was not the right venue for him.
More people moved from the West to the Midwest than from the Midwest to the West in 1997-98.
Some of cargo includes fruit, chicken and other refrigerated goods meant for domestic consumers, while other goods are being moved from the outlying ports to Santos for transshipment.
1.217-2(g) (5) states that, if a MAF's spouse or dependent moves to or from a different location than does the MAE he is deemed to have commenced work at a new principal place of work within the same general location as the location to which the MAF moved.
If you have twelve students in a row, as pictured, how many children must be "moved" so that the line of twelve alternates between boys and girls?
Now, I can no longer participate but only observe how I am moved when I need to adjust all or parts of my body, scratch an itch, brush my teeth, comb my hair, or eat a meal.
Nonhovering insects, on average, responded most successfully to patterns that moved 5 to 10 times faster than the speed at which hovering insects process patterns best.