move toward

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move toward someone or something

1. Lit. to move in the direction of someone or something. The car is moving toward Roger!
2. Fig. to tend to favor a particular conclusion. We are moving toward making the final decision.
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References in classic literature ?
No, you need not call her," she added severely, as Nancy made a move toward the hall door.
A row of huge icicles hung down from the edge of the roof, and anything more wintry than the whole ANBLICK could not well be imagined; but the sudden appearance of the great mountains in front was so startling that I felt no inclination to move toward bed again.
While this little skirmish was proceeding Lady Lundie and her step-daughter had organized the game; and the company, players and spectators, were beginning to move toward the lawn.
Colin began to move toward her, too, and Mary went with him.
The country as a whole was really increasing in prosperity; Edward was fostering trade, and the towns and some of the town-merchants were becoming wealthy; but the oppressiveness of the feudal system, now becoming outgrown, was apparent, abuses in society and state and church were almost intolerable, and the spirit which was to create our modern age, beginning already in Italy to move toward the Renaissance, was felt in faint stirrings even so far to the North as England.
The minute it was made Jo saw her mistake, but fearing to make the matter worse, suddenly remembered that it was for her to make the first move toward departure, and did so with an abruptness that left three people with half- finished sentences in their mouths.
The dining-room was a very long apartment, and was reached through a passage; so that John, upon his entrance, brought but little light with him, and must move toward the windows with spread arms, groping and knocking on the furniture.
She nodded and choked, unable to speak, and started to move toward her car which was coming to a stop.
As can be seen in figure 3, the move toward TSNR was relatively rapid in Malaysia and Indonesia as compared to Thailand.
We are interested in moving from the past and to move toward good neighbouring relations and peace.
We have a good working relationship with Quadra FNX and expect that to continue as we move toward negotiating a final agreement.
Yedioth Ahronoth added in its report that the move toward normalization is a radical shift from the previous position of Al Jazeera which did not broadcast a similar event in 2006.
It is a journey of self-discovery and maturation for them as they move toward a final and unexpected resolution.
If smaller cars and hybrids are both better for the environment and sell better than the ridiculously large SUVs, why doesn't the American car industry move toward smaller, more fuel-efficient cars?
A major influence was artist Ross Bleckner, whom he served as assistant for a time and who advised him to move toward modernism (4).